Solved-sort of - Port Forwarding - V77 _ slows down torrents and loading of web pages

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Running MX Linux 17 Qbittorrent 3.3.7 (PC) and MX Linux 16 qbittorrent 3.3.5 (laptop)

Using Montreal/Toronto servers and port forwarding - while running Qbt and using the indicated forwarding port, web pages take ages to load

Not using port forwarding, pages load relatively quickly, and torrents run at around 200KiB/s ( still too slow but that may be my ADSL2+ phone line)

If I dload a linux torrent I get up to 1 MiB/s with or without port forwarding.

Do I need to set port forwarding/port triggering in my Modem/Router when using PIA ( with or without the forwarded port)? or does the PIA app bypass this?

Thanks in advance
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    try some rate limiting. sounds like you're saturating your link(s)
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    changed port in qbittorrent  ( no longer using proxy port and proxy server) to another port that I had previously setup in port triggering on my modem/router

    have been getting speed up to around 800KiB/s though it regularly drops to less than 100MiB/s

    downloaded 4.4 gb torrent in around 4 1/2 hours

    much better

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    jbrown0 said:
    to another port that I had previously setup in port triggering on my modem/router
    I would strongly advise you to check out where your traffic is going, because doing so likely made you reachable from the Internet directly and you may be bypassing the VPN completely doing that.

    If you're running the VPN locally on your computer, it's impossible that any settings on your router would matter because the tunnel is encrypted between you and PIA's servers, so your router is only passing on encrypted gibberish it can't possibly understand. The reason the app has its own port forwarding is because in order to receive incoming connections while on the VPN, you need to open a port on PIA's server and forward it to your computer over the VPN connection.
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    thanks for the reply - you've answered my question re port forwarding/triggering on my modem router.

    re my traffic. indicates that my traffic is going through PIA's Softlayer Tech servers just fine.

    However, I'll remove all port forwarding/triggering entries from my modem/router as I don't need them.

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    jbrown0 said:
    re my traffic. indicates that my traffic is going through PIA's Softlayer Tech servers just fine.
    That is not sufficient to test this. This only tests your outgoing address, but that doesn't make it impossible for you to receive incoming connections from your router with your forwarded port. This typically shouldn't work with the VPN because of routing reasons, but it's still definitely a pretty bad idea to have them there.

    I'm really puzzled as to why you'd have gotten faster speeds doing that however. Only possibility that comes to mind at the moment would be that the configured port on your router doesn't work because of the routing issue I mentioned and your torrent client falls back to an outgoing connection instead if sitting there waiting for an incoming one. But that still sounds a bit far fetched...
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    Ok, I've removed all port forwarding/triggering entries from my Modem/router setup, and unchecked "ue U{nP/Nat-PMP port forwarding from my router" in qbittorrent Connection settings

    currently downloading mxlinux 17  .iso torrent at around 888KiB/s on and ADSL 2+ 1500/512 k connection.

    have run portscan,checkmytorrentip, ipmagnet do i leak torrent test etc - all clear

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