Windows 10 App Does Not Connect (Stay Orange)


I just purchased the service on 3/5 and installed it on Windows 10 PC. Installation was successful. However, when I hit "Connect," it forever says "connecting..." with orange icon. I cannot go back to settings because the connection is active, which is not. I cannot disconnect either. The only way I can kill it is to Exit the application all together and restart.

I re-installed, I changed it to use the small packet, etc. but no avail.
When I tried to reinstall the driver, it relieves the PC and the Internet connection came back.

Seems to be the driver, personally but I don't know.
Please help.

This is what I wrote to the support on 3/5. No reply after 3 comments I made...
I probably have to cancel because of 7 days trial period but it is a shame that I was never able to use it...

Can someone help me??
I have Windows 10 with the latest updates.
I use Japanese as a system local but have everything else in English or the US.
I don''t see any other existing hardware or software creating the issue...

If no one can help here and since the support seems to be non-existent, I probably have to hit the cancel button soon.



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