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I have been looking around for the answer to this question but I can't get a clear answer. My question is , is it necessary to have encryption on  if I only connect to  PIA for torrents. I only connect to PIA when I need to download a torrent and then I disconnect. I have ran some test and notice that without encryption the speeds are alot faster. I also see people that only set up proxys without encryption  for their torrents. 


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    We always recommend using at least some encryption to not make it too easy for your ISP to see what you are doing. With encryption off, there is nothing preventing them from unpacking the VPN contents and seeing that you are pirating and hit you with a nice copyright infringement letter. Depending on how much your ISP care, this can range from "practically impossible" to "they will definitely catch you".

    This typically correlates to whether your ISP also happens to own TV channels or movie studios. The big ISPs in the US tend to own a lot of content, so they have the incentive to pressure their ISP division to crack down on piracy of their own content. In other places, ISPs are just ISPs and they would rather avoid having to deal with any of that apart from the strict minimum they legally have to do.

    Using the recommended settings should have a fairly minimal impact on speed/performance as most computers in the last 10 years can do AES in a blink. What speeds do you get with and without encryption?
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