Old account still subscribed

I need help from customer service because I am at a loss. I thought I canceled my PIA subscription way back in 2014 or 15 but I just saw I got another charge. This was so long ago I'd don't have the same email nor do I even remember the username and password. I really need someone from customer support to help me deactivate my account to stop these charges! My service request is 395754.


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    I just checked your ticket, #395754, and can confirm your account was fully refunded and cancelled at that time.

    If you still just got a charge, it would seem that you had more than one account with us. Can you PM me all of the email addresses you remember having used at some point so I can look up in our system for any of those?

    So far I've only been able to find one account, the one referred to in the ticket, which is still cancelled.

    For this kind of request, you are probably better opening another ticket and explaining the situation so we can try finding your other account, as we will likely need to ask for some personal information which probably shouldn't be public on a forum like here.
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