PIA + Comcast DNS = no connections, can that be true?

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Hey, I'm running with an RT-AC68W on AsusMerlin firmware behind a Comcast cable modem. Last week I upgraded the firmware to the latest version and had a problem with PIA -- all the sudden my VPN wouldn't connect. I didn't see any obvious errors and after trying a few things I left it for a bit and began to configure the rest of the network. Then I remembered that as part of the upgrade I did a factory reset which wiped all my tweaks. One of those tweaks was a DNS change under the LAN/DHCP tab. So I changed the DNS from blank to Google DNS to test and the VPN worked. 

I guess my first question is was a DNS change part of the PIA configuration? Embarrassing for me if true because I missed it totally. If not, is Comcast blocking anything? 
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    PIA has their own DNS servers. They are located at and It is possible that you might have had those configured in your router and you forgot.
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