DDWRT opevpn and access restrictions not working

Hi all,
I'm a bit stumped trying to get access restrictions and openVpn to work on DDWRT at the same time. They work separately but not together.
I am running  DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/25/13) std on my router.
This works OK.
But my access restrictions no longer work. I fI disable OPENVPN access restrictions work again.
I have tried adding this script to the startup commands (admin->commands->save startup):-
cat << "EOF" > $SCRIPT 
while true; do 
    if [ "$(iptables -vnL FORWARD | awk '/lan2wan/ {print FNR}')" != "3" ]; then 
        iptables -D FORWARD -j lan2wan 
        iptables -I FORWARD -j lan2wan 
    sleep 300 
chmod +x $SCRIPT 
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