hi guys, i have a question about Qbittorrent

Was wondering if someone could point me towards a guide on setting up qbittorrent with pia. I specifically want to know about upnp and dht settings and port forwarding.

Lot's of generic advice seems to be to keep upnp and dht unchecked for security. But then I see pia advise someone you can just use default settings with vpn? Unchecking 'enable DHT' causes a considerable slowdown as well as just not connecting to some torrents with low seeds.

I'm not port forwarding either and I'm not sure if I should be. I usually use a server in my own country but I am curious about security of this vs foreign server + port forwarding.

I followed omninegro's advice for binding and have not seen any leaks in ipmagnet but that guide didn't go into these settings.... maybe they are unimportant?

I've researched this a bit and can't seem to find a definitive answer. I would be grateful for any advice or perhaps someone could point me in the right direction


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    There were some concerns a few years ago that enabling DHT could compromise your privacy, but from the research I have done, these concerns appear to be unfounded so long as you're connected to the VPN because PIA's IP addresses are shared among many users at any one time.

     We recommend the following: 
    • DHT on
    • uTP off
    • Port forwarding on
    • Randomize port off, and set to the port given by the PIA app's tooltip
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