Forcing Vuze to Direct ALL Torrent Traffic Through PIA

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I concluded the following about IP Binding for Vuze using PIA:

1. Launch Vuze

2. Go to Tools>Options

3. Click Connection (drop down arrow)>Advanced Network Settings

4. In the box that states Bind to Local IP type the code that has TAP ADAPTER next to it. This is the PIA TAP Adapter.

5. Scroll down and tick "Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available".

6. Click Save

7. Re-launch Vuze

8. Load torrents

At the bottom right corner of the Vuze program, you will see ROUTING. Place your mouse cursor over it and wait for it to connect to PIA IPv4 address. It starts with 10. In case you're skeptical, you can go to Network and Sharing>Click on Local Area Connection link>Details. It will show you the IPv4 address that will match in Vuze.

All torrent traffic will be routed to PIA IPv4 address.

If the VPN disconnects, torrents will stop downloading immediately until the VPN re-establishes connection. Even if it looks like they are still connected to peers, they are dead.

You can also test it out by disconnecting the VPN manually (do not have internet browsers or Facebook Application open at the time) and go back to Vuze. Place your mouse cursor over ROUTING and you will see it is still connected to PIA IPv4 address. Eventually, the ROUTING button will turn red.

Hope this helps!!! 

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  • I did all this and it shows the address starting with 10. but it says no connections, torrent will not start. I also allowed the program through windows firewall.  Not sure what I am doing wrong..
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    Right, in Vuze, which is what I believe you are talking about, down where it says ROUTING, you have to wait a minute after you load the torrents into Vuze for the connection to start with 10. For me, I have to wait. Vuze is a heavy torrent client program. It is not as lightweight as uTorrent. Meaning, it takes patience for everything to connect. Try the steps again, load the torrents, go down to ROUTING, and keep mouse cursor over it until you see it says "Connections: 10. Under firewall settings, as long as you ticked both public and private, you're fine.
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    Also, after the torrents are loaded in Vuze, the smiley icon will be red. Then it will turn yellow. Depending on the torrent, it may turn green. Let me know if it is working now....
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    Check out my other article on getting Check My Torrent IP Tool to work with Vuze. This will also add protection to make sure you stay connected to the VPN server. Trust me, all of my responses work. It wasn't super easy for me in the beginning. I was impatient. If you stick it out with Vuze-my opinion-you will have the most secured torrent client for torrenting.
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  • Got it working, thanks man..
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    great!!!!! You're welcome.
  • I have tried all this and am getting Missing: eth4 and 
    No connections
    Any suggestions.  Thank you
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    eth4 is just one of the possibilities. It could be called something else.

    Your directions are too specific. Not everyone has the same exact hardware as you. I for instance have exactly two interfaces because I disabled everything I do not use. Saying eth4 is the one is the wrong way to say it. If a person uses "ipconfig /all" from an administrative command prompt, only one will show the words "TAP-Win32 Adapter V9". That is the interface to bind to your client of choice.
  • Yeh on mine it just happened to be eth4 also.  I got it working fine now, it disconnects all torrents when I disconnect from VPN. Problem now is the speed, and seems to me a lot of folks out there blocking PIA ip ranges. I connect to same torrent with and without the vpn, it goes twice as fast without and connects to way more seeds.  I also got myself banned from Newnet because of an abusive ip range, lol..  
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    In Vuze, it's eth4 for me. I looked next to it and it says TAP Adapter for me. It may be another option, but as long as it states TAP Adapter 10. next to it, then that's the one you use. I do apologize not thinking it may be different from what I configured. Thanks OmniNegro. Just follow the specific instructions I set, but scroll down to look for the code that has TAP Adapter 10. next to it. Also, you need to tick "Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available". This will leave Vuze no choice but to connect through VPN if all else fails.
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    @bobcat7, scroll down till you find the code for the TAP Adapter. Then follow the rest of the directions. Load the torrents after re-launching Vuze. Down at the bottom, there is ROUTING. Like I told HDBanger, you have to be patient and wait until it states "Connections: 10". Keep the mouse cursor over it until you see this happen. Then, the torrents will start downloading. If the VPN disconnects or you manually disconnect it, the ROUTING button will turn red. Vuze is not as lightweight as uTorrent. Things take time. Tell me if this helps....
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    @HDBanger, I've heard from others that using the PIA proxy as well as the VPN in Vuze helps the torrents go faster. Also, you can use the CA TORONTO server or the UK LONDON server. Those make mine download fast. As for being banned from Newnet....I don't have a solution for that. I just don't play around with PIA VPN. I make sure I am connected to the internet after both networks show internet access. I don't go to websites other than the ones I trust.
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    @HDBanger I know you want faster speeds for your torrents no matter what torrent client program you are using, but would you rather get caught for downloading? You said you connected to the same torrent without the VPN. You're defeating the purpose of keeping your identity anonymous. I have a friend whose ISP disconnected his service and he got an infringement notice in the mail with a settlement offer for downloading music. The fine is $5,000. So, I wouldn't keep disconnecting the VPN.
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    When it is cheaper to buy an entire record store, it is pretty obvious the "settlements" offered by the media trolls are just a legal form of extortion.

    If you are downloading something you would not want the entire world to know about, you should do as @Irr100 says and *NEVER* deviate even for a moment. If you think the speeds are unacceptable, delete all infringing content and try a Linux ISO image with and without the VPN. What you are likely to see is that despite all evidence to the contrary, you can max out your speed regardless of if you use the VPN or not with them This means that the torrents you are downloading are not as well seeded as you thought.

    And bear in mind that even if there were millions of seeds, you have no way to be certain any of them are real. Nor that they will bother to seed to you. There are too many variables to be sure what exactly is happening.
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    Thanks, OmniNegro :). Thanks for your help too!!!
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    Thanks, OmniNegro :). Thanks for your help too!!!
    No problem. We have a common goal here. No need to thank me. ;)
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    @HDBanger, go to my new post about upload/download speeds in Vuze.
  • I was using an Ubuntu torrent, where did I say it was anything illegal?  I am a bit smarter than that ya'll. I was testing speeds with and without.. The Newnet thing, they have banned the ip range that I was connected to with the PIA. It was nothing I did..
  • I set up Utorrent with the socks proxy and the speed compared to the vpn for the same UBUNTU torrent is night and day , 7 MB/s with proxy and 2.4 MB/s using the vpn. 7 MB/s is about what I get running my connection straight up.  I used the IPMagnet site to check that utorrent is indeed running through proxy and getting 7 MB/s..  I guess I don't need encryption, just anon ip.. Can that speed diff all be from my router?  It is a Netis WF2780.
  • Are you running OpenVPN on your router? If so I'd try running PIA or OpenVPN on your computer instead and see how that affects speeds.
  • No, nothing is on the router, PIA client on Windows 7 64 bit.  But it all runs through the router, and from what I have read some routers can't handle the encryption and slows it way down.. That is why I asked. Doin some more testing as we speak..
  • The router speed issue only applies if you're running OpenVPN on the router.
  • I just turned encryption OFF in PIA, same 2.5 MB/s speed as with it ON. It is not my router.  When I turn off the vpn and just dl the ubuntu torrent with socks5 it goes at full 7 MB/s.   Utorrent, Ubuntu torrent, VPN on 2.5 MB/s max. VPN off and just socks5 proxy 7 MB/s, straight up connection no proxy or vpn, 7 MB/s..
  • If you're downloading legal torrents, then I'd just use the proxy.
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    I am always able to max out my connection with and without the VPN going while downloading Linux Mint. Perhaps they have a better seed ratio? I have no idea. But give this one a try if you want to.

    And if you prefer a 32 bit or a different GUI version, here is the download link with all of them.

    Have you considered it may be the region or server you are connecting to? For torrents, ping time is largely unimportant, so do not hesitate to connect to a distant region. It may be a lot faster than a local one.
  • I just turned the encryption to blowfish and walla, proxy and vpn both on, same torrent goin at 6.5 MB's ... lol  Same CA toronto connection all times..
  • That's quite a difference. Another VPN provider uses Blowfish for slightly faster speeds than AES-128. Try without the proxy?
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    @HDBanger. My friend downloaded the torrent which is legal. He got caught uploading it and then seeding it. That's the illegal part. I just finished my post about Vuze upload speed help if you want to use Vuze. If you use uTorrent, route all torrent traffic through the VPN. When the VPN disconnects, your real ip gets exposed. Heads up, proxies are not encrypted like the VPN.
  • Vuze is a PITA, seems to be very fickle.  I will continue with Utorrent running the socks proxy and VPN/blowfish. I also force encryption in Utorrent. If the VPN goes down while torrents are running, at least I am still behind proxy and have some encryption goin at all times.. 
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    @HDBanger being behind a proxy doesn't save your real ip from being leaked. Encryption works while the VPN is connected. When the VPN disconnects, you won't be protected. If you want to remain anonymous, you need to route ALL traffic through PIA. I wrote an article on how to do that. regarding uTorrent. I provided links in the article to help. UTorrent, in my opinion, is a PITA. Good luck!!!
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