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This is a global announcement post to cover some of the rules/regulations for our forum at this time.  This is not a complete list and is subject to change at any time.

1. This is a public forum, however, the goal behind the forum is to provide a location for our users to source community support for things that we, as a company, do not necessarily support via our normal channels, such as the dd-wrt port forwarding scripts and/or advanced port forwarding configurations.

2. We do expect that all users here will treat each other with respect.  While we do understand that we have clientel from all over the world, it's important that we all work together to create a strong community.

3. This is not an official channel for support, if you have particular questions about your account and/or our services, please use the live chat or submit a ticket.  We do try to keep an eye on these forums and provide information as needed.

4. If there is an issue with a user on the forum, please send me a private message, and we will take care of the issue.  Moving forwards from this point in time, we will be taking a more active role in the moderation of the forums, which is something we were originally trying to avoid, however, it's become apparent that this is needed.

5. Posts seeking assistance with the unauthorized downloading or sharing of copyrighted files are not permitted.  Posts with links to these files can and will be edited to have these removed if noticed by our moderation team.

6. Posts regarding the use of to circumvent intellectual property and privacy laws, including US copyright law and the EU’s data protection laws, or posts regarding the proprietary of those laws are not tolerated.

Private Internet Access is a welcoming place for all people. As a result, posting pornographic content to our forums is restricted  because readers of all ages including minors are able to access our website.

The following is more of a guideline:
Treat others how you want to be treated, all caps, yelling, name calling, and general harassment are things we want to avoid here everyone.  This is a peer-support forum, and it's good to keep around the people who can help out as much as they can.
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