How to use PIA on OpenELEC with Kodi (previously XBMC)

Hi there,

It took me the better part of a year to get VPN working on OpenELEC. I wanted to save you the time of finding it out. Here is how you do it:

1) Browse to SYSTEM > OpenELEC
2) Go to Nework and choose "Add new VPN-configuration"
3) Use the following settings:
VPN type = pptp
Network name = PIA US-EAST
VPN Server =
VPN DNS Domain = vpn
Show advanced = on
Require MPPE (128 bit) = on
Refuse CHAP = on
Refuse MS-CHAP=on
Refuse PAP = on
Refuse EAP = on

4) Safe it
5) Go 1 step back in the menu and choose Connections (below Network you previously chose)
6) It should show PIA US-EAST (or the name you entered), select it
7) Choose connect
8) Voila!

If you want to check the generated config file do the following:
1) Connect to your openelec system over samba (make sure this is switched on in your OpenElec)
2) Open the file \\[name of your openelec system]\Configfiles\vpn-config\[PIA US-EAST.config]
3) It should look very much like this:

Name = PIA us-east

Type = pptp
Name = PIA us-east
Host =
Domain = vpn
advanced = 1
PPPD.RequirMPPE128 = 1
PPPD.RefuseCHAP = 1
PPPD.RefusePAP = 1
PPPD.RefuseEAP = 1


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    Just to add, in the Client Control Panel of PrivateInternetAccess website, you need to generate a PPTP username/password.

    This is the username password that you need to enter in the configuration.

    Thanks a lot for the help NaN!
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    Note that your PPTP username password is not the same as the username and password that you use for the PIA app or for OpenVPN:

    You have to visit this page and Generate a PPTP Username and Password:
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    When I try this I get 'user passphrase'

    I appreciate your effort, just hope I can get it to work for me. The whole reason I bought a Chromebox was to use OpenELEC/Kodi/PIA for my HTPC
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    Hi there,
    It took me the better part of a year to get VPN working on OpenELEC. I wanted to save you the time of finding it out. Here is how you do it:
    Worked great for me and 15 of my customers until Openelec  6.0 Beta 1. Tried it on two different installs on two different systems, in both cases had to revert back to 5.0.8  Any suggestions?
  • openELEC 6.0 Beta 2 and still not working.  Copied the vpn-config folder from 5.0.8 stable release which works to 6.0.  Got success message when I ran the Setup Private Internet Access menu item, but when I went to Connections in openELEC, the VPN connections do not appear.

    Additionally, if you click Remove VPN, it causes the VPN removed screen to appear every time thereafter that you open Programs tab.   I had to go to user_data |  addon_data | plugin.program.oepla and edit the settings.xml and put in my username and password in order to restore functionality.

    My advice is to stay away from 6.0 Beta if you want to run VPN.

    I am testing on a Raspberry Pi 2.
  • Running openelec 5.0.8, signed up and followed this guide. I did generate the pptp user and pass from client control panel. Problem is i'm still not connecting to their servers. I have the app/repo as well. Here's what's happening...
    openelec settings-network-add new vpn config, i go and add info as stated above in this post, save it etc and then go to connections to us-east, click on that and says state:association and does nothing. I go back out to network and all the settings are gone like i never set it up. So i tried putting those same settings in under connections-us-east-edit, etc and that doesn't work either.
    So i asked pia chat person and they said to use openvpn as it was more stable for linux? Do you guys have any suggestions to try besides the openvpn?

  • Anybody cracked this yet.  I've been trying for the last 3 months and i've been going round in circles.  I have tried DNS which was patchy and have completely failed to get a vpn to run.  Any help PLEASE.
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    The easy way to get PIA working on a device running OpenElec such as a Raspberry Pi or a Wetek box, is to setup this addon as detailed on the website:
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