PIA - Growth and Regional Datacenter Changes

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To our beloved customers,

We would like to address the issue of the sudden disappearance of our US-Denver region as well as the US-Ohio region.  US-Ohio was providing us very poor latency and data transfer rates so we had, for awhile, been routing all traffic headed to Ohio to our US-Midwest region.  As for US-Denver, we had significant issues with the host as they were providing poor quality of service as well.  We are always looking to provide the best service for our customers, and this means we need to partner with the best datacenters to do this.

While we no longer have Ohio and Denver, we have increased our regions significantly and currently have well over 250 gateways.  Our server count on our website is dynamic and you should gradually see it increase significantly as we have already put in orders to the hardware vendors for new servers.  Additionally, we are working with one of our partners to achieve gigabit connectivity in other requested (and long awaited) regions as well.

As for Netherlands, we had a single gateway there with a 10Gbps connection but we decided to switch it to a 1Gbps connection as it was more cost effective since we weren't actually utilizing the full 10Gbps.  That is why it may appear there was a 10Gbps drop when it actuality there was no actual drop in throughput.  We're also ordering a bunch more servers there so this "drop" will go away shortly.

Rather than reduce expenses, we are increasing expenses by providing higher quality bandwidth and regions to our customers.

We are committed to provide the best service possible, and nothing else.

Thank you again for your beloved support,
Private Internet Access

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