Kill Switch Feature is great but its not complete protection (read pls)

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In settings you have 'VPN Kill Switch' feature 'ON', now surely that means your ip is protected and it won't get revealed. 
Now ' If you disconnect from the VPN, your internet access will stop working', this part is completely correct, however, when you do press the connect button again or if you connect to any of the other servers then you will notice that your ip is visible for at least (until PIA reconnects to a server) 20 seconds. If you want to test this out, have the vpn kill switch on, then disconnect, upon reconnect go to as soon as you press connect, you will notice that your actual ip is visible, after 5-10 seconds it will change to the ip of the server you had chosen from the list.

I understand that the kill switch feature is there to hide your ip if you lose connection to the vpn, or a server, but, lets say, I lost connection to the vpn and was  in the middle of browsing, now, when it does reconnect, within the first 5-20 seconds it will expose my ip, 

If my findings do not make sense, I can record this using camtasia and put it here, if that helps. Hopefully, the support staff will look into this.


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