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Allow Lan Traffic - Multiple Subnets - Feedback / Suggestion - PIA Support Portal


Allow Lan Traffic - Multiple Subnets Awaiting Review

Can you include a feature with regards to "Allow LAN Traffic" that allows us to either specify multiple subnets? or that allows all subnets under a specific series of IP Address?

I have all my insecure devices on one subnet separate from my computer and I can't access them when I'm connected to Private Internet Access even though I have "Allow LAN Traffic" turned on because it's on a different subnet. If you could let me specify subnets to allow or just allow every variant of a 192 series address that would work because my PC's are on 192.168.2.XXX address and the devices I want to access are on 192.168.250.XXX

Allowing all 192.XXX.XXX.XXX traffic would correct that problem, or allowing me to specify subnets would also work.

Thank you.