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How to Change or Create a Custom Password

Change Account Information

When purchasing an account with PIA our system provides our users with an auto-generated password along with our standard p-username.

There are times when users may have lost or forgotten their password or wish to create a custom password. Additionally, issues such as being unable to log into the application on one or more systems or may require credentials to be reset. Within the client control panel, users have several useful tools to assist with password issues or other problems.

Reset Password:

For users who have lost or forgotten their password, you can reset your password by selecting the “Forgot Password” link below the login fields on the My Account page.

Selecting the above link will allow you to enter the email address on file which will send you a new auto-generated password.

Custom Passwords:

If you wish to create your own password instead of using the auto-generated password that you are issued, you can do so directly within the Client Control Panel.

If you wish to create your own custom password, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log into your CCP

Log in to the client control panel using your account username (p1234567) and password.

Step 2: Locate “Change Password”

Once in your CCP, click on Account Settings and “Update” under Password.

Step 3: Create Your Password

To create your custom password, you will need to enter your Current Password into the first field and then enter your desired password into the New and Confirm Password fields.

Please be aware that there are character restrictions which can be found in the following article here.

Once all fields are filled out click the "Submit" button to finalize the new password.

If you are unable to log into your CCP or are still experiencing issues logging into your applications or resetting your password, please contact our customer support department here. We will be happy to assist you with resetting your accounts password.

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First published: 19/02/2020

Last updated: Mar 18, 2021 by Kaneesha D