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Android - OpenVPN Setup

Alternative Setups

Step 1: Google Play Store

Navigate to the OpenVPN Connect application in the Google Play store

Step 2: Install Application

Select Install to download OpenVPN on your device. Be sure to accept any required permissions.

Step 3: Configuration Files

Once the application is installed close the app store and navigate to the Client Control Panel and select your operating system and the region you wish to connect to:

Select the version of OpenVPN and then Android.

Select the server region you wish to use and then the port.

Once the selections have been made, tap the generate button.

Step 4: Open Configs

When prompted, tap OpenVPN Profile to import the configuration into OpenVPN Connect and it will open the OpenVPN app automatically.

If this is the first time you have opened the OpenVPN app, you will be prompted to “Allow OpenVPN Connect to access photos, media, and files on your device”. You will need to allow this connection in order to import the recently downloaded configuration file.

After allowing access to your downloads, you will be prompted to agree to the Terms of Service for the OpenVPN Connect app if it is the first time opening the app. You must tap AGREE in order to use the application.

Tap “OK” to finish importing the profile.

Step 5: Login

When you have completed importing the profile(s), the application will then prompt you to input your PIA username and password (This was provided to you upon account creation and is always in the format of p1234567)

Ensure that you checked “Save password” if you would like your credentials to be remembered between connections.

Step 6: Allow Connection

Once you have entered your PIA credentials. To finish importing your profile Tap “Add”.

Step 7: Settings Update (Optional)

The application may prompt you with a Settings update window informing you of updates to settings to the application. Tap OK

Step 8: Connect

You will now see the imported server or region listed within the main OVPN profiles page. Locate the region that you wish to connect to and Tap the connect button to establish the VPN connection

Step 9: Establish Connection

Click “OK” when you are prompted to accept the connection request.