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iOS - Installing the PIA App


Step 1: Go to the App Store

Tap on the App Store

Step 2: Search for the Application

Once you are in the App Store Search for Private Internet Access

Step 3 Install Application

Select the Installation button for the PIA VPN application

Step 4: Open the Application

Once the application has finished Installing select Open

Step 5: Allow Notifications Warning

The app will prompt you to allow it to send notifications. Tap Allow

Step 6: Login/Buy Account

Select Login if you already have an account, this will bring you to login page (See Step 7).

If you do not have an account select Buy Account to obtain your accounts credentials.

Step 7: Login Cont.

Sign into your account using your Private Internet Access username (i.e. p1234567) and password, this is provided in the account creation emails sent to you after signing up

Step 8: Notification Message

The app will then notify you: ‘PIA needs access to your VPN profiles to secure your traffic’. Tap OK

Step 9: Add VPN Configurations

The application will then prompt you to Allow the application to Add VPN Configurations. Select Allow

Step 10: iOS Passcode

You will then be prompted to enter in your iOS passcode, this is asking for your phone password not your PIA information

Step 11: Content Blocker Notice

The application will then prompt you with a notice about MACE and the Safari Content Blocker. Select OK

Step 12: Connect

The main screen for the application will then open, tapping the power button in the middle of the screen will allow you to establish a VPN connection

Step 13: Confirm Connection

You can confirm the security of your connection by visiting the PIA website and looking at the banner on the top of the page

Enjoy your OpenVPN connection!

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First published: 31/05/2019

Last updated: Jun 5, 2020 by Kaneesha Davis