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Change Protocols within iOS


If you experience issues connecting or staying connected to any of our servers, you might want to try using a different port to connect to or a different protocol altogether.

For reasons why your connection could be dropping please review this article here.

Step 1: Open Application

Open the iOS app and tap the menu button in the top left corner

Step 2: Settings

Within the main menu Tap Settings

Step 3: Protocols

  1. From within the applications tap the option “Protocol” under the sub section “VPN Settings”

  1. Then select one of the 3 protocol options ”IPsec(IKEv2), WireGuard, OpenVPN”

Step 4: Connect

Once you have changed the protocol type, go back to the applications main Menu and try connecting to the VPN again.

For detailed information about each protocol please refer to the following support Article: Understanding iOS Settings and Protocols.

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First published: 25/06/2020

Last updated: Jun 25, 2020 by Kaneesha Davis