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iOS - Uninstalling the PIA Client


Uninstalling the application:

Step 1: Locate App

Find the PIA VPN app icon on your app screen on your iOS (White Square with our green robot icon in the middle)

Step 2: Select App

Hold your Finger on the app icon until all the icon’s start to wiggle, and you see a circle with an ‘x’ in the upper left - hand corner of the app’s icon.

Step 3: Delete the App

Select the ‘x’ in the upper left hand of the PIA app’s icon. A window will appear that will ask for confirmation on Deleting the “PIA VPN” select ‘Delete’.

Step 4: Finish

Select your Home Button (Physical Button on the lower front of the devices for older generation of iOS or touch the screen for new iOS generations) to stop the other apps from Wiggling

You have now successfully Uninstalled the PIA application from your iOS devices.

If you wish to reinstall our application on to your iOS devices please first reset your iOS devices Network settings.

Resetting your Network Settings

Resetting your devices network settings can be required when reinstalling our client on your iOS, to fully reset your devices networking details.

Note: Please be aware that resetting your network settings will remove all saved Wifi and Bluetooth profiles. You may wish to copy those details somewhere safe, so they are not entirely lost.

Step 1: Settings

Open your iOS Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Reset

Step 2: Reset Network Settings

Within the Reset window select the “Reset Network Settings”

Step 3: Reboot Devices

Once the Network settings have been reset you will then need to reboot your devices by holding down the Power button (located on the side or top of your devices) and the volume buttons.

Once the devices is office wait 60 seconds and then power your mobile devices back on.

You are now ready to reinstall the PIA application back on to your devices. For instructions on how to install our client on your iOS please review this guide here.

If you have any issues or concerns with our client or with any of the above guides please contact our support team here.

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First published: 01/08/2019

Last updated: Jun 5, 2020 by Kaneesha Davis