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AsusWRT-Merlin 384.16 (OpenVPN Setup from Config File)

AsusWRT (and Merlin)

This tutorial will walk you through configuring a router using Asuswrt-Merlin firmware version 384.16 from configuration files we provide.

Before starting, be sure you have downloaded the configuration file you would like to use for your connection. For this guide specifically, we have used the California file from the collection labeled Default, be sure to decompress the file so you can access the contents.

Also, decide what DNS servers fit your needs, there are four options:

* — this can provide access to all three of the following

* — DNS only

* — forwards streaming domains to the parent proxy for potential access to some streaming services

* — MACE

Step 1. Edit the OpenVPN configuration file to use include PIA DNS servers.

1. Open the file for the location you would like to connect to and add the following lines separately within the configuration:

dhcp-option DNS

dhcp-option DNS

2. Save the edited configuration file and close it.

Step 2. Upload the OpenVPN configuration file for the router to utilize.

1. Log in to the router and navigate to VPN > VPN Client : to upload a configuration file.

2. Click the Add Profile button

3. Click the OpenVPN tab

4. Input a Description for the connection

5. Input your PIA Username

6. Input your PIA Password

7. Click the Browse button

8. Navigate to the OpenVPN configuration file you edited in Step 1.

9. Click Open

10. Click Upload

11. Click OK

Step 3. Start the connection.

1. Now that you have created the VPN configuration, it will be shown in the VPN Server List; click on Activate to start the VPN connection. It may take a few moments to connect, and you will see a small animated icon in the Connection Status column. Once the connection is established, the Connection Status column will show a check-mark.