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SMTP Whitelisting Policy - 14th June 2018 - Knowledgebase / Account / Policies - PIA Support Portal

SMTP Whitelisting Policy - 14th June 2018

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After a review of the SMTP policy deployed on the 15th May 2018, we have determined that the policy was too restrictive and as such have made additional changes from a technical stance to allow for greater accessibility. 

The new policy will allow for whitelisting on Ports 465 and 587 only, however, the whitelist does not expire and we will allow for multiple IPs to be whitelisted. We have also included the previously whitelisted IP addresses. 

Our Operations team is currently working on a more powerful system and better resolution which we will roll out in the near future. As such this is a temporary revert until the new system is deployed. We will communicate before we deploy the new SMTP system. 

We are not above making mistakes that we think will be beneficial, however, when we do so we will openly acknowledge them and rectify them. This is in alignment with our commitment to transparency and openness. 

We apologies for the inconvenience that the SMTP policy changes made.