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December 17, 2019 - Don't Trust Verify - News / Announcements - PIA Support Portal

Dec 17 2019

December 17, 2019 - Don't Trust Verify

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The VPN industry looks just like the world of religion - everyone has their different beliefs on who to trust. However, even the diamond in the rough lied to the princess. Is it really possible to blindly trust a person or entity without getting hurt in the end?

Those of you who say yes, lucky you. For the rest of us mortals, I think the answer is, “no.” For anything you cannot verify, as Peter and Miles said, it’s a leap of faith.

But, when it comes to privacy and for the many out there whose lives would be put at risk if they do not have privacy, like journalists and dissidents, faith simply isn’t enough; especially, not faith in a mortal.

And we’re no exception. We don’t want you to blindly “believe” in us.

I Can Show You Our World ♪

We encourage everyone NOT to trust, but instead, to verify. In order to deliver a verifiably secure infrastructure and ecosystem, we are embarking on a journey which will lead us to a fully verifiable infrastructure to our community; this will require a number of steps which we will share with you as we progress starting with the following:

  1. Open Sourcing the PIA Clients, Starting with the Desktop Client - Your machine is your private space. You deserve to know what you're putting on it, and what it's doing. With the open sourcing of our clients, you can now verify what you're installing. Please check it out!

  2. Verifiable Zero Access: Start! – We’re building an internal roadmap to create a transparent and verifiable infrastructure, in which no one, including ourselves, is permitted access to the servers through which VPN traffic flows. We will keep you abreast of all progress, and moreover, this will be a community-led effort.  Verifiable Zero Access proves that we cannot log or monitor your traffic.

  3. Random Audited Truths (I smell a rat!) - We have begun reaching out to external auditors and, in tandem, are opening up our operations to review by our users. This allows you to verify with your own eyes, whenever you want. WYSIWYG.

Follow this space for continuing updates on our progress; we believe it is a revolutionary change in the making.

We don’t want you to trust us implicitly, so now you can verify.

We aren’t Aladdin. We are the genie who serves you, and Aladdin didn’t trust the genie. He got out of the cave of wonder and verified.

Don’t trust. Verify.

Introducing the only verified and verifiable VPN service in the world, Private Internet Access.