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Sep 1 2020

Welcome to the Future: Wireguard

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With our new open source VPN protocol WireGuard, the sky's the limit! Created by Jason A. Donenfeld, in 2016, WireGuard has taken the VPN world by storm!

Do one thing Simply and do it Efficiently

This UNIX Philosophy inspired protocol is the embodiment of efficiency as connecting over this protocol breaks barriers, and allows your device to achieve a substantial gain in speed while operating on 4,000 lines of code as oppose to the VPN protocols that preceded it (OpenVPN/IPSec), which operate on over 400,000 lines of code. With this efficiency comes less room for error behind the scenes.

Always use Protection

We have implemented the WireGuard VPN tunneling software onto our VPN servers with additional protections to ensure the anonymity and privacy of our VPN customers. 

For the readers intrigued by shiny things, we add an additional layer of privacy to our WireGuard VPN servers by running an RSA certificate protected RESTful API. As well, we also implemented a daemon that deletes connection data periodically when keepalives are no longer being sent for three minutes.

 Our users can rest assured that their WireGuard VPN traffic is not being logged.

What Makes WireGuard Different

Traditional VPN protocols that most people are familiar with, operate at the user level using TLS. WireGuard on Linux based VPN servers operate inside the kernel’s networking stack, which holds many benefits. With this comes easier implementation and the authenticity & attributability of the packets are better ensured.

Instead of using AES or SHA for encryption or hashing, WireGuard uses a bunch of newer algorithms in conjunction. For more information on this, please visit the WireGuard website.

Ready for Use

The WireGuard protocol is readily available for use on Desktop clients + Linux setups, as well as Mobile applications. Since you can connect over WireGuard to combat connections issues, speed issues, and blocked content, we are looking forward to providing configuration files for router setups in the future! If you have any curiosities regarding WireGuard or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our Helpdesk!