PIA Privacy Pass: Securing Citizens’ Right to Digital Privacy

PIA Privacy Pass: Securing Citizens’ Right to Digital Privacy

Your Digital Freedom Is Our Policy

We founded Private Internet Access (PIA) on the core principle of “Your Privacy Is Our Policy.” For over a decade, we’ve helped to shape a secure, private internet where everyone has the right to digital freedom.

Our commitment to your privacy is evident in everything we do — from our trusted open-source VPN protocols to our court-proven No Logs policy. It’s this privacy-first approach that’s enabled us to build a strong reputation for upholding digital freedom rights all over the world.

Your Digital Privacy and Freedom Is Our Policy
A Decade of Privacy-Driven Partnerships

A Decade of Privacy-Driven Partnerships

At PIA, we’re proud supporters of companies that align with our guiding principles around securing citizens’ rights to digital privacy and freedom. Since day one, we’ve welcomed partnerships with organizations that actively promote digital privacy and a safe and secure internet. Our long-standing dedication to supporting privacy-centric organizations is an ongoing effort, and we’re always welcome to new partnerships.

We’re constantly working to push our privacy commitments forward, which is why we’ve launched PIA Privacy Pass. This initiative is our way of showing our support towards charities, journalists, and NGOs who go the extra mile to protect freedom and privacy rights worldwide.

Be Part of Our Freedom Program Initiative

As part of the PIA Privacy Pass, we offer free VPN subscriptions to NGOs, charities, and journalists, enabling them to continue advocating for digital freedom. Our VPN provides a vital window for privacy advocates to access news, connect with others, and provide content to those who need it, especially where tough surveillance limits digital freedom. Wherever possible, we provide free subscriptions to those delivering humanitarian aid in areas where digital privacy is under threat.

Our privacy initiative also includes essential resources to help educate others about staying safe online and the use of digital privacy tools to access a censorship-free internet.

Want to partner with us? If you’re a journalist or member of an NGO working from an area that puts your digital privacy at risk, or if you’re looking to collaborate and advocate for worldwide digital privacy rights, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Be Part of Our Freedom Program Initiative
A Decade of Privacy-Driven Partnerships

Become a PIA Partner

For more information regarding this initiative or if you think your NGO could benefit from the PIA Privacy Pass, please contact [email protected].


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