Private Internet Access Partnership Programs

We believe that no matter who you are, privacy and security are crucial while you’re online. We offer several partnership programs for those who agree and support PIA’s mission.

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Join The Movement

The VPN industry is constantly growing and we want you to join the fight for internet freedom by becoming a Partner. Combine your marketing skills with one of our various Partnership Program options, and you can start earning from the lucrative VPN industry today.

Our Commitment To Our Partners

We’ve worked hard over the last 10+ to become the world’s leading VPN provider. We’re constantly developing new solutions and software for our users to get the most out of our service — all while upholding our core commitment to privacy, security, and freedom online. In the VPN industry, you will not find a better partner to grow with than Private Internet Access.

Partnership Opportunities

We welcome partnerships with businesses that can help spread the word regarding the need for internet security and privacy solutions. It is important for us to onboard partners that recognize the benefits and importance of the service provided by Private Internet Access.

Affiliate Partnership

PIA offers a lucrative affiliate program for you to earn commissions — and it’s free to join. It’s the quickest and easiest way to start earning money.

Digital Gift Card Reseller Partnership

If you are interested in purchasing digital gift card codes in bulk at discounted prices and reselling them at retail price to earn a profit,

Storefront Partnership

If you are interested in API access that will allow you to sell Private Internet Access subscriptions directly from your website,

OEM Partnership (PIA Ready To Go)

If you are an OEM that supplies hardware such as laptops, routers, mobile phones, or any other internet-capable devices and you are interested in partnering with PIA out of the box,

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