Secure Your Digital Identity & Be More Anonymous

PIA’s VPN encrypts and secures your personal information in a single click. Use it to protect against surveillance from your internet service provider (ISP) or network admin, and experience a new level of digital privacy and online freedom.

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What Is A Digital Identity?

Your digital identity is the sum of all your personal information stored online that can be traced back to you. It’s often an alarmingly detailed profile compiled from:

  • Your search history
  • Your online purchases
  • Your online accounts
  • Your tagged photographs
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How Can A VPN Help Protect Your Digital Identity?

Securing your digital identity means knowing when, where, and how to share your personal information online. PIA’s VPN adds an essential extra layer of digital identity protection. With PIA, your:

  • Internet traffic is encrypted
  • Location is hidden
  • Browsing activity is obscured

Top-Quality Identity Protection Features

vpn без збору даних

IP Address Protection

Our VPN servers mask your IP address, making it invisible to the websites and services you use.

vpn з відкритим кодом

Extra-Strength Encryption

The strongest encryption ciphers available render your internet traffic unreadable to anyone else.

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Відмова від збору даних

PIA has a proven track record of never storing your traffic data, ever. Our no-logs policy was reviewed by an industry-leading Big Four firm.

простий у використанні vpn

Data Leak Protection

Our kill switch feature ensures that precisely zero data will leak if your VPN connection drops.

vpn з необмеженою пропускною здатністю

Ads, Trackers, and Malware Protection

PIA MACE protects against ads, trackers, and malicious sites by blocking them at the DNS level.

vpn для блокування реклами

Browser Security Extras

PIA’s browser extension apps come with a full suite of browser security settings to improve privacy.

Buy Your PIA Subscription Anonymously

If you don’t want your email address or financial information associated with your PIA subscription, follow these easy steps to subscribe anonymously.

Burner Email
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Create a burner email account

A burner email is a disposable email address with a short expiry date. You can search for ‘burner email’ online.

Pricing Plan
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Choose your PIA plan

Subscribe here, and you’ll be taken to our checkout page where you can select which PIA VPN plan you want to subscribe to.

Pay with crypto
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Оплата криптовалютою

Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to pay with and enter your disposable email address where prompted.

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Get your VPN keys

You’ll receive an email with your login info. Keep it somewhere safe (you won’t be able to retrieve them without your email!).

Як працює VPN?

PIA виконує роль захисного посередника між вашим пристроєм та сайтами чи додатками, з якими ви взаємодієте.

  • Додатковий рівень захисту
  • Інтернет-трафік приховується
  • Справжня IP-адреса приховується
  • Вас не так легко відстежити
  • Тисячі локацій з серверами
  • Bypass network content blocks
  • Немає додаткового захисту
  • Інтернет-трафік є видимим
  • Справжня IP-адреса є відкритою
  • Вас дуже легко відстежити
  • Лише фізичне місцезнаходження
  • Контент може виявитися заблокованим
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Доступ на всіх ваших пристроях

Підтримка до 10 пристроїв одночасно лише з однією передплатою.

Оберіть план, який вам підходить

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1 місяць


$11.95 на місяць

Billed every month

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$143.40 $39.95 за рік

Billed every year

Всі суми вказані в доларах США, а будь-які знижки відображають економію відносно стандартної щомісячної ціни в розмірі $11.95 на місяць.

Поширені запитання

There are a few things you can do right now to improve your online privacy. Perhaps most important is to avoid posting personal information to social media and log out of online accounts when you’re not using them. Also, be careful where you click. The internet is a minefield of malware and phishing scams, all of which can seriously compromise your privacy and your financial information.

You should also start using a reputable VPN. A VPN encrypts all your internet traffic, making it unreadable to everyone except you and your destination website. It also hides your IP address, so you’re not giving away your location while browsing. And if you choose PIA’s VPN, you’ll also be protected against being targeted by ads, trackers, and malicious sites, thanks to our built-in ad blocker, PIA MACE.

No. Nothing can make you completely anonymous or untraceable online. That said, using a VPN with a proven No Logs policy makes you much more anonymous and difficult to trace. Not all VPN providers who advertise a No Logs policy can back it up. That’s why you need PIA. Not only has our No Logs policy been proven in court on several occasions, but Deloitte inspected our server configuration/environment and examined how we maintain a zero-log VPN service through an independent audit (the report is available to our customers and can be read here). If you want to add an extra layer of identity protection, PIA also accepts anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and third-party gift cards.

Modern browsers are getting better at catering to their users’ privacy needs, but since everyone’s need is different, the answer inevitably is: It depends.

A better question might be: How do I protect my privacy while browsing the internet? A good answer is: Use a premium VPN that provides browser extension apps and offers a range of extra privacy settings for the highest level of protection online. PIA’s VPN offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, meaning you can enjoy greatly increased privacy on your preferred browser in just a few clicks.

Maybe. Tor is an effective way of making yourself hard to trace online, but it’s by no means without its own risks. The wide distribution of Tor servers (or ‘nodes’) makes it very effective at covering your tracks. But because anyone can set up their own node on the Tor network, you have no assurance that your data isn’t being spied on by your exit node (the node that decrypts your data).

Using a premium VPN with a strict no-logs policy like PIA will protect you against this potential vulnerability.

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Завдяки нашій 30-денній гарантії повернення коштів ви будете 100% задоволені або отримаєте свої гроші назад.

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