Our No-Logs Policy Means Your VPN Data Is Never Collected Or Stored

PIA has a strict no-logs policy, and we have the court records to back it up! Privacy is the core of our business, and we never store or share any usage information such as:

  • Your IP address
  • Browsing history
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Connection times and duration
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A Proven Record Of Protecting Privacy

PIA’s no-logs policy has been repeatedly confirmed in court. When authorities request data about our customers, we can’t provide it because we simply don’t have it — a fact that we’ve testified to multiple times in a court of law.  

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Commitment To Transparency

We occasionally get requests for logs about our users, but since we don’t keep any usage logs or personally identifying information, there’s nothing to turn over. Still, we provide regular transparency reports to keep our customers informed about the types of requests we receive. 

We Don't Track Your Activity

We don’t store any data about when you use PIA VPN, how long you use it for, or what you do while using it. We believe that your VPN usage is strictly your own business. See our Privacy Policy for more.

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privacy with PIA VPN

Privacy Is Our #1 Priority

PIA supports privacy-focused practices every step of the way.

  • Sign up with only an email address and payment method.
  • Take advantage of more anonymous payment methods like cryptocurrency.
  • We don’t keep any usage logs or identifying connection information. 

Access For All Your Devices

Get simultaneous access on up to 10 devices with only one subscription. 

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Want To Know More?

Not really, no. PIA has a strict 100% no-usage-logs policy – that means we don’t collect or store any VPN usage information about our users. We don’t log any information regarding your browsing activity or connection or bandwidth usage or anything like that. But the term "no-logs policy" is a bit misleading – we do need to store an email address and payment information in order to give you our service.

The term “no-usage-logs" (often called a "no-logs policy") means that we do not collect or store any data about your usage of the VPN – including browsing, connection, and bandwidth data. We don’t record your IP address, browsing history, how much bandwidth you consume, information about how often you connect and for what duration, or any other kind of usage data.   

PIA has a court-proven track record of protecting user privacy. You can find articles about our this verified claim all over the internet. When pressed to provide logs of user data in a court of law under threat of perjury, Private Internet Access has always been able to honestly report that we simply don’t collect or log any usage data about our users. We've also been extremely committed to open sourcing all of our apps and clients (GitHub here), just to add that extra bit of transparency and security into the mix.

No. The only personal data we’ll ever need from you is the bare minimum information required to set up your user account (email and payment info), and those things can be as anonymous as you want (including the option to pay with crypto). Those pieces of information are the basic elements that allow us to have user accounts and operate our service. We don’t require any other personal information – nor do we collect any statistical information about the PIA VPN usage that is tied to your personal account.   

Not all VPN services ensure user privacy, but PIA does. Our software never records or stores any personal user data, so there's no way to be tracked while using PIA. Compare our approach to free VPN services – free VPNs mainly stay in business by selling user data. But because we charge a (very small!) subscription fee, we're able to operate without the need for this data-mining revenue. We simply don't have the need or the infrastructure required to log user data.

With 10+ years of expertise leading the VPN industry, Private Internet Access has become one of the best-reviewed and highest-rated VPN services in existence. Our VPN is incredibly reliable, we have an expert-level support team standing by 24/7, and our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try PIA with complete peace of mind. We believe trust is such an important consideration when choosing a VPN provider, that’s why all of PIA’s VPN apps are 100% open-source – we've really got nothing to hide! And we only use the best open-source VPN protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN. Some other VPN companies claim that USA VPNs are ‘compromised’ because of a secret link to the NSA or some other government boogeyman, but of course this is nonsense. We have a strict no-usage-logs policy that has been tested and proven true (multiple times) in court – we're 100% focused on preserving and protecting our users’ privacy. It’s because we’re a US-based company that we are guaranteed Constitutional protections from government overreach. We are proud to be based in the United States – it allows us the liberty we need to fight for the world’s right to digital privacy and online freedom.

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Disclaimer: Per our Terms and Conditions, using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is not encouraged.