A True No Log VPN

PIA has a strict no-logs policy, and we have the court records to back it up. Privacy is the core of our business, and we never store or share any of your personal information such as:

  • Your IP address
  • Browsing history
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Connection times and duration
No log vpn

A Proven Record Of Protecting Privacy

PIA’s no-logs policy has been repeatedly confirmed in court. When authorities request data about our customers, we can’t provide it because it simply does not exist.

Complete privacy with PIA VPN
Full transparency

Commitment To Transparency

We occasionally get requests for logs about our users, but since we don’t keep any logs, there’s nothing to turn over. Still, we like to provide regular transparency reports to keep our customers informed about the types of requests we receive.

No Tracking Your Content

Without logs, PIA VPN keeps no records of your internet traffic. What you do online is strictly your own business.

No tracking vpn
privacy with PIA VPN

Privacy Is Our #1 Priority

PIA supports your total privacy every step of the way.

  • Sign up with only an email address to receive your login credentials
  • Take advantage of our anonymous payment methods if you prefer
  • Rest assured we don’t keep logs, ever

Privacy On All Your Devices

Get simultaneous access on up to 10 devices (with dedicated PIA apps) using only one subscription.

Protect all your devices

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Want To Know More?

PIA has a strict no-logs policy. We never record any of our users’ information or data. When using PIA VPN, you’re 100% anonymous.

A true “no-log” VPN means the VPN provider does not store any information about its users. This means that PIA VPN doesn’t store any information such as: your IP address, browsing history, how much bandwidth you consume, or information about how often you connect and for what duration.

PIA has a court-proven track record of protecting your privacy. You can find articles about our court-proven record all over the internet with a simple search. When pressed to provide logs of user data in a court of law under threat of perjury, Private Internet Access was able to honestly report that we simply don’t collect or log any information about our users - ever.

No. The only information PIA stores is the email address you signed up with in order to send you important information, such as your login credentials. We don’t require your name, address, or any other personal information — nor do we collect any statistical information about PIA VPN usage that is tied to your personal account.

Not all VPN services ensure user privacy, but PIA does. PIA stands apart from other VPN providers with our strict no-logs policy which offers clients a complete solution for anonymity and safety. Our software never records or stores any user data so you’ll never be tracked while using PIA. 

So when choosing a VPN, be particularly cautious with free VPN services — they mainly stay in business by selling user data. When providers don't charge their clients to use a VPN, chances are they're logging your data and selling it to advertisers and other businesses.

Private Internet Access has worked hard to become the world's leading VPN provider. Launched in 2010, we have over a decade of expertise in the Virtual Private Network industry. We're also one of the best-reviewed and highest rated VPN services in existence. We have a strict no-logs policy that has pioneered true privacy and anonymity online. We also offer incredibly reliable service with an ultra-fast server network that's backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA Risk-Free

You’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, get a refund.

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Disclaimer: Per our Terms and Conditions, using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is not encouraged.