Highly Configurable Split Tunneling

Sometimes certain apps or websites aren’t VPN-friendly. PIA’s advanced split-tunneling settings allow you to choose which applications or IP addresses bypass the VPN tunnel — making your VPN experience automated and smooth.

  • Set custom rules for both apps & websites
  • Direct traffic through & around the VPN tunnel simultaneously
  • Avoid fully disconnecting PIA VPN to use certain apps
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What Is Split Tunneling?

Normally when you use PIA, all internet traffic from your computer is tunneled through our secure VPN servers. PIA’s split-tunneling feature allows you to choose specific applications to exclude from your PIA VPN connection, allowing them to access the internet from your original IP address. On desktop, you can also whitelist websites along with desktop apps.

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Why Should I Use Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling can be useful if you’re using a specific program or website that doesn’t support VPNs or requires high speed (and is already secure). Split tunneling allows you to keep your VPN active while giving you the ability to exclude particular:

  • Apps/websites that may block VPNs
  • Remote work connections
  • Banking websites
  • Streaming services

What Else Can I Do With Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling can also be used for nested networks, bypassing the VPN for individual hosts and networks, or to enable IPv6 for specific hosts and networks. It's even possible to use PIA's split-tunneling feature to implement a per-app kill switch.

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How To Use Split Tunneling

To use split tunneling with PIA, follow these steps: 

Step 1

Open the PIA desktop app

Step 2

Navigate to split tunnel settings

Step 3

Configure split tunneling rules

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Want To Know More?

Private Internet Access has the most expansive and easy-to-use split tunneling feature in the VPN industry. PIA split tunneling is available on all PIA VPN desktop apps — Windows, Mac, and Linux — with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Split tunneling functionality is even available in our Android application under the name "Per App Settings."

Split tunneling rules are easily configurable from the PIA VPN app. When configuring split tunneling rules, you can specify certain actions for applications or websites. You can tell a certain application or website to always use PIA VPN, or to always bypass PIA VPN.

Split tunneling makes it easier for you to enable particular apps and websites to bypass the VPN connection so you can customize and streamline your VPN experience. This can be helpful if certain apps or websites are not VPN-friendly, and you don’t want to fully disable the VPN to access them. With split tunneling, you can configure automated rules for specific programs and websites to automatically utilize, or bypass, the VPN tunnel.

For starters, all our VPN apps are 100% open source — this means our source code is entirely available to the public, something very few other VPN services do. PIA’s VPN also happens to be the most configurable and customizable VPN in existence, giving you virtually unlimited control over your connection and settings. And PIA works with all major streaming platforms so you can access all of your favorite sites and services. We have features like advanced split tunneling, firewall-based leak protection, built-in ad blocking, variable encryption settings, traffic obfuscation, and even a VPN snooze clock (see more features here). Our user interface has been designed for maximum ease of use and we maintain a rock-solid network of servers all over the world. In short, Private Internet Access offers the most flexible, the most functional, and the most secure VPN service on the planet.

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