Unblock Hidden & Restricted Websites With PIA VPN

PIA’s VPN lets you access a fuller, unrestricted internet – browse freely from anywhere in the world, without censorship or geographic limitations.

  • Bypass network blocks
  • Fast NextGen network
  • 24/7 asiakastuki
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The Key To Unlocking The Internet

PIA’s industry-leading VPN gives you secure, reliable access to your favorite content, even on restricted networks such as school, work, and public Wi-Fi. Our VPN lets you browse the global web without borders so you can enjoy the freedom and digital privacy you deserve.

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How To Unblock Network-Restricted Content 

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Laita PIA VPN päälle

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Connect to a location

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Bypass network blocks

Overcome Restrictions & Get Instant Access

We don’t tolerate censorship of any kind – political, geographic, or otherwise. With PIA’s VPN, you can bypass restrictions imposed by:

  • Governments
  • Office or school networks
  • ISPs
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All The Freedom-Enhancing Features You Need

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NextGen Server Network

Our global high-speed servers unblock restricted content on any network

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Fast Streaming

Super-fast connections and unlimited bandwidth makes streaming easy

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Strong Encryption

Extra-strength encryption hides data and protects you from throttling

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Kill Switch Protection

Immediately cut your internet connection if the VPN drops or disconnects


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We never record or store any usage data about your VPN use, ever


Mainostenesto (sisältyy)

PIA’s “MACE” blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites

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Get dedicated apps for all major platforms and the ability to connect up to 10 devices with one PIA VPN subscription, so you can unblock restricted websites anytime, anywhere.

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Usein kysytyt kysymykset

Yes. A good VPN allows you to connect to a wide variety of VPN servers so you can choose a new virtual location from anywhere in the world. The VPN also encrypts your connection, meaning you’ll be able to bypass restrictions imposed by your network administrator, ISP, or Wi-Fi provider, because they won’t be able to see which sites or services you’re connecting to. This is particularly useful when accessing streaming services, as they’re often restricted on public networks, and throttled by ISPs.

Yes, but not without risk. A free VPN or proxy can unblock websites on restricted networks, but it probably won’t give you much privacy. Free VPNs usually cover their costs by selling your data, which makes you vulnerable to being tracked or profiled. Free services are also unlikely to give you a stable or fast enough connection for any high-bandwidth activities such as streaming or gaming.

Try PIA VPN risk-free. All our subscription plans are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Generally speaking, yes. VPNs are perfectly legal in most countries, and even the most restrictive regimes allow their citizens to use state-approved VPNs. However, using a VPN for illegal activities is still against the law. Also, accessing restricted websites or services from outside certain locations might violate their terms of service, which may result in your account with the service provider being terminated.

Exactly the same way you do on any other internet-connected device: with a VPN. Our intuitive VPN apps for Android and iOS make it as simple as just selecting the country where the content you want is available, and tapping the connect button. That way, you can bypass network restrictions to watch your favorite content, even on public Wi-Fi.

In theory, yes, but it’s probably not the best solution. While Tor does an excellent job of encrypting your internet data and obscuring your IP address, it is not a reliable tool for unblocking websites. One major drawback is that most Tor nodes are listed in a public directory, which makes blocking Tor connections very easy. And even though it’s possible to force Tor to use a node in the country where your content is available, the connection speed is notoriously slow — much too slow for video streaming, for example. A VPN is a much more dependable and effective solution.

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