Connect to Secure, High-Speed VPN Servers in 91 Countries Worldwide

PIA’s global server network offers unbeatable digital privacy, security, and freedom.

  • Enjoy buffer-free streaming and gaming with our 10-Gbps VPN servers
  • Connect to no-log, RAM-only VPN servers to maintain your digital privacy
  • Stay connected 24/7 with unlimited bandwidth and data on every VPN server
High-Speed VPN Servers in 91 Countries Worldwide
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PIA VPN Server List: Find a VPN Server Location

What Is a VPN Server?

A VPN server allows VPN services to provide remote connections. It’s a combination of hardware (the server itself) and VPN software (such as ports). When you connect to a VPN server, two things happen: the VPN encrypts your connection and reroutes your traffic through a server in its network. This hides your real IP address behind one from whichever location you’re connected to.

All your traffic passes through the VPN server before reaching the website you’re visiting. This means the website can only see the new VPN server’s IP address, not your actual IP address. Since your traffic is encrypted, outsiders can’t snoop on your activity either. This is why VPN servers are so unique. They change your location, but they also secure your activity.

PIA VPN has a worldwide network of secure servers to choose from. Select any location to change your IP address and mask your activity in seconds. You can also get a Dedicated IP in Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, the US, and the UK. Dedicated IPs are static VPN IP addresses that only you can access. You can use it every time you go online.

What Is a VPN Server?

Why PIA Has the Best VPN Servers

PIA VPN’s worldwide network of secure servers keep your digital tracks covered. Our strict no logs policy means we don’t monitor or record your VPN activity or data. We don’t compromise speed for security either, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Global Server Network

Global Server Network

Connect to servers in every corner of the globe, including VPN servers in all 50 US states.

10-Gbps network

10-Gbps network

Get blazing-fast connections with our 10-Gbps network for all your streaming, torrenting, and gaming needs.

Multi-Protocol Support

Multi-Protocol Support

Customize your VPN server connection with world-class protocols, including OpenVPN and WireGuard.

RAM-Only Servers

RAM-Only Servers

Put a stop to data trails with our RAM-only VPN servers that delete all your session data with every reboot.

P2P Support

P2P Support

Get lightning-fast, secure P2P downloads with our torrenting-optimized VPN server network.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

Dedicated Streaming Servers

Connect to streaming-optimized streaming servers. Skip past any buffering, lag, or low-quality streams.

Why Choose PIA VPN?

Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Your privacy is our priority. Our independently-audited no-logs policy means we don’t track, store, or share any of your data. We only use RAM-based servers that wipe your data with every reboot. As soon as you log off, your session data disappears. No one can see what you’re doing on our VPN servers – not even us! Surf freely knowing your privacy is protected.

Our VPN servers also come with added DNS leak protection to keep your activity concealed, even if something disrupts your VPN connection. Keep your data trail to a minimum and boost your online privacy with PIA VPN’s worldwide network of secure servers.

Boost Your Online Security

Protect your information with powerful encryption that keeps your data where it belongs – in your hands. Our encryption stops data-hungry spies from monitoring your activity or stealing your information, including your ISP and cybercriminals. You can also choose from 100% open-source security protocols, including OpenVPN and WireGuard, on any of our VPN servers to customize your connection to your needs.

For added peace of mind, our built-in ad, tracker, and malware blocker, MACE, steps in to stop intrusive and malicious software from infecting your device. Stay safe no matter which VPN server you connect to.

Boost Your Online Security
No Limits to Speed or Access

No Limits to Speed or Access

Stream, game, and torrent as much as you like on any of PIA VPN’s servers. Our entire server network comes with unlimited bandwidth and data, so we don’t impose limits to what you can do, or when you can do it. Stay connected and keep the downloads and streams going for as long as you like.

Our powerful VPN encryption fights through even the toughest blocks on restricted networks. Regain your digital freedom and unblock the sites you need anywhere, anytime. PIA VPN’s servers give you access to an unrestricted internet, whether you’re at work, at school, or even on public Wi-Fi.

Connect to a Server in Seconds

Browse through our full list of VPN servers to find a location of your choice, or simply use our Quick Connect feature and let our VPN choose for you. Our VPN will select the best server for you based on distance, speed, and latency. All you need to do is press connect to mask your IP address with one from our secure VPN servers.

Stay connected on every device with multi-device support. PIA VPN supports unlimited simultaneous connections across all major platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. You can even configure PIA VPN to your router so you can connect to our servers from your smart devices including smart TVs and gaming consoles. Need help setting up? Our 24/7 customer support is on hand to answer your queries.

Connect to a Server in Seconds

Get a Dedicated IP Address

Use your own exclusive static IP address for a smoother online experience with fewer interruptions.

  • Bypass annoying CAPTCHAs and bot checks
  • Access your accounts from anywhere with no proxy errors
  • Stop unauthorized access to your IoT devices at home
  • Avoid server overcrowding and get faster speeds
Get a Dedicated IP Address
What's my IP?

What’s My IP?

Check your IP address, virtual location, device information, and more with our IP Checker tool.

  • Check that your VPN is working with instant results
  • Track your virtual location complete with map view
  • See your IP address and device information
  • Access the tool on any device at any time

How to Access the Best VPN Servers Easily

Get set up with PIA in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Open the PIA app

Step 2

Click ‘VPN Server’ section

Step 3

Connect to any server

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The best server location is usually the one closest to where you actually are. For example, if you’re on the East Coast, you’ll get the fastest VPN speeds on servers in New York or Washington DC. But since PIA servers have 10 Gbps connections, you’ll get great performance and blazing-fast speeds regardless of which server you connect to. In the unlikely event you experience overcrowding, it’s super easy to switch to another server nearby.

Changing your VPN server is as simple as opening the server list and clicking on the server you want to connect to.

If you have the Kill Switch enabled, you’ll notice that your Wi-Fi drops as soon as you change a VPN server. Don’t panic! That’s how we make sure your data doesn’t leak while we’re changing your virtual location. It only takes a few seconds after which you’ll be able to resume whatever you were doing before.

A VPN server hides your IP address, changes your virtual location, and encrypts your internet traffic. This allows you to safely access content around the world, including content that’s restricted in your region. It also protects your personal information from anyone monitoring your network such as cybercriminals or your ISP.

RAM-only servers have no hard drive or permanent storage devices. These servers are fundamental to your online privacy and anonymity because your connection data gets wiped every time they're rebooted.

All PIA servers are RAM-only. This enhances our No Logs policy as it makes sure that none of your search history gets accidentally saved anywhere. That ensures we have absolutely zero data to pass on to the authorities if they request it.

We have VPN servers in all 50 states, allowing you to safely access or unblock local websites in seconds. Compared with most other VPNs who focus their presence around major cities only, PIA gives you unbeatable US VPN coverage.

This depends on what you want to use a VPN for. If you’re looking to access top streaming services, the US and UK have some of the highest-rated shows and platforms.

If you’re planning on torrenting, you might want to choose servers in Switzerland, Poland, or Spain, as these countries have the most lenient torrenting laws.

If you’re just looking for a low-ping and lightning-fast VPN connection for gaming or browsing, simply connect to your nearest server.

You can, but free VPNs aren’t worth the risk. Many free services limit your bandwidth, data, and security features to cut down on running costs. They don’t have any subscription revenue, so they often make money by selling your usage data.

PIA offers a comprehensive range of VPN security features with unlimited bandwidth and data. Our No Logs policy guarantees that we’ll never monitor, collect, or store any of your VPN usage data, period.

PIA subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try our VPN with no commitment.

Most free VPNs don’t have a lot of server locations because VPN servers are expensive to run. Some free VPNs also limit your server location options to force you to upgrade. The same usually goes with capped data and bandwidth.

It’s frustrating, especially if you have to fork out money to make a VPN usable anyway. We don’t like sneaky tactics, so our subscription plans give you access to our entire network. And the best part? Our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try PIA completely risk free.

No — in fact, they’re very different. Proxies often save money by skimping on encryption, security protocols, and other important security features like a kill switch. They change your IP address, but they don’t give you any meaningful anonymity online.

PIA VPN servers have it all: fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and top-notch security that hides your activity from third parties. If you prefer not to install a VPN app on your device, you can add our VPN extensions to Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, for protection straight from your browser.

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