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Android - Installing the PIA APK Application from an Unknown Source


If the APK downloader does not initiate installation you will likely need to allow installation from an unknown source. Use the instructions below to do this.

Step 1: Download

After selecting the APK file link, a window will appear asking to download the file. Tap Download to proceed

Step 2: Allow Install

The installer will now notify you that your device is blocking the installation of apps from unknown sources, tap Settings to allow installation

Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources

The settings screen of your Android device should now display, tap the Unknown Sources setting to enable it

Step 4: Warning Message

A warning will appear about installing from unknown sources, so long as you are installing directly from our site the download is safe. Tap OK to continue

Step 5: Install App

The installation window should now display, tap Install to complete the installation of the application

Step 6: Open App

The app is now installed! Tap Open to open the application and connect to the VPN.