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World-class VPN Tunnel Network powered by Gigabit Gateways with unmetered bandwidth.

Our Mission
Our commitment to you is to maintain the highest standards of privacy, while simultaneously providing the most solid, top speed VPN network. We always stand true to our commitments. Additionally, we believe that customer support should be equally as important.

Welcome to Private Internet Access, the leading VPN Service provider.

Country Hostname Location Servers Bandwidth Speed Test
US VPN US us-midwest.privateinternetaccess.com Midwest (Chicago) 70 70000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-east.privateinternetaccess.com East (NJ) 225 225000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-texas.privateinternetaccess.com Texas (Dallas) 84 84000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-west.privateinternetaccess.com West (AZ) 61 61000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-california.privateinternetaccess.com California (Bay Area) 113 113000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-seattle.privateinternetaccess.com Seattle (Washington) 37 37000 Mbps Speed Test
US VPN US us-florida.privateinternetaccess.com Florida (Tampa) 23 23000 Mbps Speed Test
Canadian VPN CA ca.privateinternetaccess.com Canada 38 38000 Mbps Speed Test
Canadian VPN CA ca-toronto.privateinternetaccess.com Canada - Toronto 336 336000 Mbps Speed Test
UK VPN UK uk-london.privateinternetaccess.com UK (London) 71 71000 Mbps Speed Test
UK VPN UK uk-southampton.privateinternetaccess.com UK (Southampton) 32 32000 Mbps Speed Test
Swiss VPN CH swiss.privateinternetaccess.com Switzerland 28 28000 Mbps Speed Test
Netherlands VPN NL nl.privateinternetaccess.com Netherlands 207 207000 Mbps Speed Test
Sweden VPN SE sweden.privateinternetaccess.com Sweden 48 48000 Mbps Speed Test
France VPN FR france.privateinternetaccess.com France 27 27000 Mbps Speed Test
Germany VPN DE germany.privateinternetaccess.com Germany 34 34000 Mbps Speed Test
Romania VPN RO romania.privateinternetaccess.com Romania 18 18000 Mbps Speed Test
Hong Kong VPN HK hk.privateinternetaccess.com Hong Kong 7 7000 Mbps Speed Test
10+ 18+ Regions 1459+ 1459000+ Mbps

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Datacenter Partners

We are always looking for datacenter partners as we are in continuous expansion. Datacenter partners must have a minimum of Tier-3 rated facilities with Tier-1 bandwidth for primary routing/transit (at least 3 different providers). In addition, it is imperative that the datacenter is committed to privacy.

Please contact us at businessdev@privateinternetaccess.com if your facility meets these specs.