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“Private Internet Access has a longstanding record of strong user privacy, and provide the required options to subscribe anonymously. A well rounded service and coverage that doesn’t gouge your wallet. It’s a VPN that everyone can afford, without making any compromises on security.”
“All-in-all PIA have provided their customers with a great service at a price that is hard to beat, so if you are thinking about signing up for a VPN then you can’t really go wrong with this company.”
“Private Internet Access is a VPN service that is highly regarded by privacy advocates. It remains our top choice for a privacy-oriented VPN service.”
“We strongly recommend Private Internet Access to anyone who uses the internet.”
“If privacy matters to you but you want a US based solution, then PIA offers a fantastic service”
“Their excellent speed and high reliability ratio, and with allocation of hundreds of VPN gateways from multiple locations attract VPN lovers from all over the globe to switch on to Private Internet Access VPN.”
“…PIA offers feature-rich package plans at affordable price. Not only this, PIA has wide range of servers allowing you to break through divergent geo-restrictions. DNS Leak Protection in addition is a feature that adjoins more value to the package plans.”
“Private Internet Access VPN is an amazing VPN. They have revolutionized the VPN provider industry. With massive gigabit tier servers and hundreds of thousands of users their VPN can be widely trusted.”
“These days you need more security then ever. Thats why we chose Private Internet Access for our homes and business office for our VPN provider.”
“...the most famous VPN providers in the industry...”
“Allows you to connect the internet anonymously and unblock any restrictions, with super-fast network servers.”
“Overall, VPN by Private Internet Access is a capable app that delivers a lot of punch for a very small fee.”
“PIA has an incredible amount of servers in 24+ countries. You can have your pick at 3277+ servers in popular areas like America, UK, China, Canada and much more.”
“PIA is so simple to use that even the least technically inclined person you know could sign up, install it and start using it right away. You could put it on your grandmother’s PC and never have to worry about removing malware from it again. She’d likely never notice it’s there.”
“Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN providers on the market. It features powerful tools to protect your activity online. PIA VPN has a very strong encryption that guarantee total security online. The company has a no-logs policy and therefore is one of the best VPN for torrenting.”
“Private Internet Access propose une offre avec un rapport qualité prix impressionnant. Ses très nombreux serveurs, ses 5 connexions simultanées ou encore son support client efficace et réactifs font partie de ses forces!”
“Private Internet Access là giải pháp phần mềm tiên tiến được thiết kế nhằm cung cấp cho người dùng các phương tiện để che dấu hoạt động internet của mình.”
“Private Internet Access prides itself in true online anonymity. They keep no access logs and accept bitcoin which makes this VPN the best option for those looking to stay 100% anonymous.”
“Private Internet Access is a good service for those who need a simple, direct VPN service that allows them anonymity online.”
“Overall, Private Internet Access is one of the most reasonable options in the market.”
“Private Internet Access is a quality VPN program to use. You can surf the Web anonymously with anonymous VPN service without a lot of technical knowledge for an affordable price.”
“Private Internet Access prides itself in true online anonymity. They keep no access logs and accept bitcoin, which makes this VPN the best for those looking to stay 100% anonymous.”
“Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN service whose main focus is on protecting your online identity and data through secure VPN connections, even more than other VPN providers.”
“Private Internet Access is a great solution when you are looking for a vpn provider that values and respects your privacy. The software is very easy to use and the price is just fantastic!”
“PIA can be characterized by solid encryption, good customer service and excellent P2P file exchange possibilities.”
“PIA offers excellent coverage in North America and Europe”
“Private Internet Access is a VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels that create several layers of privacy and security on the internet. They also support numerous organizations in their justful fight for internet privacy.”
“Private Internet Access is kind of like the dollar menu. . . if the dollar menu didn't suck. Okay then, PIA is a lot better than my McDonald's analogies. The essential point is that its great value. They don't take any logs, have a wide range of protocols, offer good speeds and have a great range of security options. The Android app is one of the best available, there is high-strength encryption and handshaking.”
“This VPN provider is definitely one of the most secure and efficient systems on the internet.”
“Private Internet Access (PIA) est un service VPN qui assure une connexion sécurisée et privée sur Internet indépendamment du fait que l’utilisateur utilise les réseaux publics ou privés, filaires ou sans fil. Il est basé aux États-Unis et fait partie de la société London Trust Media inc., qui est considérée comme une des leaders dans le domaine de la commercialisation de solutions informatiques pour internet.”
“Private Internet Access is a US based VPN provider offering privacy and security solutions through strong encryption levels and multiple servers located across the world.”
“PIA stands tall among VPN providers for its low price, rich security features, and great customer service.”
“Private Internet Access has a lot of features: unbeatable prices, high security, fast, no logs and easy to use.”
“Private Internet Access has produced some of the most impressive results we’ve seen on our speed tests so far. We were highly impressed with its global performance, with an amazing average download speed of 89Mbps. This is the highest we’ve seen from any provider, making it a fantastic choice for P2P users and torrenters. Its best servers are also fantastic: if you live near London, New York, or Toronto and mainly want to connect locally you won’t find a faster provider in the market.”