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The key thing here is that PIA just works, I have a 4 systems running all on different versions of OS and configurations and it all just loads and runs without an issue. There is a noticeable decrease in speed as with all VPN (my ISP throttles VPN access) but it is still very usable. I have researched (and used) a number of VPN providers, PIA is definitely the pick of the bunch.

Brett Ogilvie, 05/02/2016

Apart from a broken OpenVPN implementation, which is worked around using the PIA Linux Beta Client, it works simply and flawlessly. One important note - you could make the client easier to find. I had to contact support to be informed of it.

felgro, 04/30/2016

I set up the VPN on my router and it is working great. Private Internet Access has an easy to follow website an set-up instructions. Also a great value for the money.

Ed Hoel, 04/29/2016

What's to like: doesn't slow the speed down one bit; the choice of geographic location with one click by hovering the mouse over the icon in the system tray; very easy setup for all the computers in my home; a vast assortment of payment options; the geo filter really does work for sites that were previously blocked to me in my location; and most importantly, the peace of mind that comes from being behind a wall of privacy. Didn't think that a VPN would afford that added mental relief, but it really does.

King James, 04/28/2016

I came to PIA from a competitor where my complaints were "slow, outlet full and frequent disconnects". None of these are true for PIA and my internet speed is perceptually faster. I'm more reserved with my rating of their iPhone app, although I didn't change the star because it might be due to the slowness of my older phone, a 5. My only complaint for the app is that it's slow -- with the above caveat. Again, in contrast to my previous supplier, the VPN on the phone persists overnight, which makes it usable if either I or PIA can solve the speed issue.

Fred Hooper, 04/26/2016

PIA is a great VPN server. The chat tech support wasn't that great, however with an email sent to support they did get an issue resolved quickly. PIA is a good price for quality privacy on the web, and faster browsing on the WWW as well. I highly recommend.

Hannah, 04/26/2016

Easiest to use of the VPN tools I've tried out and from all the information I've reviewed they are keeping me safer and they are trustworthy with my data. :) Thanks!

Isaac Furniss, 04/25/2016

I've been with PIA for a about 6 months now and so far they have been of great service. They respect your privacy and have plenty of good facilities like P2P and furthermore a "killswitch" which is crucial should the encryption drop. You can use up to 5 devices on your account. Costwise this VPN deserves top marks!

Joseph Paice, 04/23/2016

Great service! It just work! I would like to give a little advice about configuration manuals for Linux. I am gentoo user and I think "Ubuntu 10.10 OpenVPN Setup" better rename to "NetworkManager OpenVPN Setup", as it provides a general manual for NetworkManager and can be used regardless of the Linux distribution or DE.

Samat, 04/22/2016


huavuhoang131992, 04/22/2016

I chose PIA on the recommendation of several friends and I haven't been diappointed. In fact, PIA has surpassed my expectations. It feels good to know that my browser is now completely secure.

Jerrica Lewis, 05/02/2016

Purchased, installed, and done in a few minutes. Set it on auto and I'm still getting ping less than 20ms, and approx identical DL/UL to what I was getting prior. I chose PIA after reading many recommendations, and I am very pleased with my choice. The price was great, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to secure their browsing experience.

Daniel W Swaim (Phred87), 04/29/2016

Solid. Great speed and ease of use is top notch. Went away for a bit, did not find a comparable experience. Highly recommended!

Paul, 04/29/2016

Hello ! Although I just started to use this service (few day's) I can't give a accurate overall review, it took some time to get it working but with the help of the customer service we got it to work perfectly, I didn't have any issues since and as far as the speed goes I can hardly notice a difference, that was one of my major concern's with PIA connected my download speed is at 29 Mbps but I have a hub connection (fiber optic). The price is great all the others charge way more. My Two Cents

Merino, 04/27/2016

As administrator of a charity I've set up several accounts for our workers. They say that the service is good and works well.

Paul Bown, 04/26/2016

I had been with PIA for a year and decided to try another VPN provider, unfortunately it was nowhere near as good as PIA and so I moved back to PIA. Everything is easy and works well although throughput speeds could sometimes be better.

Karl Byriel, 04/26/2016

I have a had a great experience with PIA it's very easy to use, haven't had any speed issues, can barely tell the difference in speed when I turn it on. I highly recommend!

Robert, 04/25/2016

5 stars minus 1 star for unknowledgeable chat tech support...finally got the service installed and working by sure accident. Install instructions to the letter would not fix the Tap install issue...but that's all the Tech guys knew. Finally one had me download a update but it was installed in the wrong order and overwriting occurred when you reinstall as instructed to do after the update! Finally half asleep flipped install steps and it worked. Ridiculous amount of time expended by me to get this installed!!! Customer support needs work...program is awesome.

Cristal Terry, 04/23/2016

I'm very satisfied with this vpn. I switched vpns because my former one had really bad speed problems, way too slow. less than 1mb/s slow. They said I was just too far from their servers so I was told about Private Internet Access and I'm glad I came here. It def didn't start out too well because I just couldn't figure some stuff out. Maybe this was a dumb mistake by me, maybe it was just being new to Windows, but I could not get the freaking program open. I followed all the steps, made several videos of my attempts, no one could help. Later I received a message from another person and it was a simple fix. If you're new and suck at Windows, READ THIS. AFTER YOU INSTALL THE PROGRAM AND CLICK ON IT, IT FEELS AS IF IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. NOTHING HAPPENS. WELL, THE PROGRAM IS OPEN, IT'S JUST DOWN ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN UNDER ICONS OR HIDDEN ICONS. RIGHT CLICK THE PROGRAM AND CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION. very confused how no one could figure out my issue, but at least there's some great workers there and the program itself is great. I recommend!

Daniel Haase, 04/22/2016

Had for a year, reliable and fast VPN tunnel for when I'm out and about in the wild world of public wifi. 10/10, will subscribe again.

Vlex , 04/21/2016

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