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Let's look at this a minute.. For about the price of a McDonald's or Wendy's meal you can add another layer of protection to your Internet security and make it harder for the bad guys to get your personal info. I mean come on's 6 bucks a month! My download speed is the same and I have not noticed any loss anywhere. But I know my IP address is safe and my data is encrypted as it flows out to the WWW. You have a 7 day guarantee so why not invest $6 bucks and at least try it! Its $6 bucks! What do you have to loose! Now for the real facts.. If your on a Windows PC or a Mac setup is a breeze. If your using Linux installation is a bit more challenging..But I got through the install instructions. I did find this that was a bit simpler then what the Tech. at PIA gave me....But for $6 Bucks a month I said why not! So like the old 70s TV commercial use to say..Try it...You'll like it!!!.... Its only $6 bucks a month people!!!

Mark Davis, 02/13/2016

I have used Private Internet Access for over a year. I have no complaints.

Steve, 02/13/2016

They have a life time user for sure ...!!

Roman, 02/13/2016

Every time I go online now I feel confident that there are no prying eyes or ISPs checking my every online activity. I started with the month to month subscription just to check it out and I have now after 3 months of satisfaction with PIA, enrolled in their yearly subscription. I feel great when I recommend PIA to friends and Family. I am very happy to have PIA.

Cesar Gute, 02/12/2016

Fast, reliable and less issues than other VPN providers.

Fadi, 02/11/2016

Easy software to set up. The anonymity appears to work well. Disappointing that it cannot overcome geo-specific rules (unable to view BBC-2 from the US).

Dimitri Moursellas, 02/10/2016

I've been using Private Internet Access for more than two years and their speed, uptime, and helpful support and updates have made the experience a piece of cake, even with a payment processor switch right before my subscription re-up. Don't listen to the angry negative reviews about payments or service that doesn't work. The vast majority of those people are just confused (or worse). VPN's themselves are way above most peoples' understanding, and apparently so is following instructions.

David Tesch, 02/10/2016

Being no geek I was a little anxious about setting a vpn up as some can be tricky. I tried a few already. I have different devices ranging from iOS, ANDROID and a Kindle Fire so ease of use and 24h chat was a huge plus. Speed is great, I live in an area where I'm usually connected to servers in the States. Prices for the different plan options are fair. The only reason I don't give the provider 5 stars is because I tried the monthly plan thinking it would be a month and I could then decide what to do. Well no, you automatically sign up for automatic renewal. That's not right. A U.S. company should not ever have to use this middle age selling technique if they are confident about their service. I was going to upgrade to the year plan but when I received the email from PayPal telling I had just been charged another month it gave me great pause. I still ended up signing up for the year plan and Laura at the chat was very helpful. In 1 click I got a refund for the month subscription and all is well but this is a great way to loose potential customers.

Sophie, 02/10/2016

I have been using PIA for some time now, I have to say, anyone that's not quite sure about using this service, I can say without doubt, you will not regret it, the service they provide is superior to all the other company's that I had tried in the past. I had a few problems setting up a dd-wrt router, the support team were amazing and in no time my router was up and running, my whole house is now protected. I highly recommend PIA.

Steve Evans, 02/10/2016

Reasonable price, reliable, fast speed, and easily set up.

黃暐鵬, 02/09/2016

I have get what I expected. I just wait for promo acc. Valentain's day and buy 1 year subscription.

marek, 02/13/2016

Tried it for one month and then signed up for a year. Tested many other big name ones with horrible results. Only minor problem I have is with my iPad, speed is ok but I lose Internet when coming out of sleep mode with VPN connected symbol still on and VPN trying to resolve the connection, I guess that's Apple for you. My Android and Windows devices work great with a small lose of throughput on my 30 Mbps connection. So far very happy.

Nick, 02/13/2016

Easy to set up, use and packed with features. I have been using PIA for 12 months now and have recommended it to all my family and friends. Thank you for this great product and for the great price, Cheers!!!

David, 02/12/2016

First of all, it is cheap. If you look over VPN market prices you will find them starting at 60 and higher(even ridiculous 100$ per year or more). True, you can find someone that costs same money, but will you trust them? Will you trust some small shady company, based in god knows where? In Panama or Seychelles Islands? I do not. Private Internet Access is serious company, based in US, offering cheapest VPN, does not block torrents(while most of their competitors block in many of their gateways), offering fast networks(your speed will not reduce too much due to encryption), stable(does not disconnect you for no reason). PIA also has great windows OpenVPN client, where you can set up encryption level, DNS protection and other features. I can not comment about support service, I have never talked with them during my 3 years of experience, because PIA simply work! This is exactly what you need from VPN - stable connection, which is just working and do not bother you with disconnects or speed and torrents limit. All this - and only for 40$ each year, truly best service at the moment.

Michael, 02/11/2016

It changed my surfing to a very smooth one

Eddy Tuchman, 02/11/2016

I am a fairly new customer. I have been using this service for several months and I use it for both, my computers and smartphones. Easy setup, affordable, and reliable - fairly decent speed around 15 - 20 mbps. I would recommend this product to anyone who works from home or travels. In this hyper security conscious environment it is becoming a necessity to take additional steps to protect yourself online.

Tom J - Colorado, 02/10/2016

This service is the best "value for your dollar" that I've seen on the Internet. Not only is it a great price, but you also get service that is unparalleled to any that I've seen. 24/7 support just isn't an option for a lot of companies, but it is here! This service is very reliable. I have yet to have trouble connecting to any of the VPN servers. Highly recommend! Best of the best out there for sure!

Nick Hain, 02/10/2016

I needed to switch from another VPN provider and on a comparison site read about PIA. I was quite surprised that they had a good review by looking at their website (somehow doesn't give the most professional image). I decided to give it a try and yes! Setup straightforward on Windows 10 x64 (you need trusted drivers and PIA provides them), Linux (OpenVPN config files ready to download in a zip file) and Android phones. VPN services are from great speed and reliable so far. Switching between the servers is very easy and doesn't need a special configuration on the website as other VPN providers do... So yes, I am just satisfied, great price, great product :)

emak, 02/10/2016

I emailed the billing department on an issue that was related to a rejected bill submitted by PIA to a credit card whose number been changed due to credit card fraud on October 13, 2015. On the very next day (keep in mind we are 9 hours away time-zone wise) I got a response from PIA informing me of the problem. I went to their web site, submitted the new number and had instant connection again. It's a weird world and sometimes stalkers, trolls, etc. either have friends who are web masters, or who are web masters themselves. PIA is an extremely valuable 'self-defense tool' at a bargain of a price. I recommend it.

Chad J, 02/09/2016

Only join recently, so getting used to the service but solid connection so far. I also needed specialist support for my Debian box and the support team turned my ticket around on the same day and provided clear instructions on what I needed to do. Purchased a two year account, which is excellent value. My only complaint would be to improve the quality of the icon and interface of the Android app - but I am being picky. There are other VPN companies with aesthetically better looking software but PIA does what you want, no fuss. Using across multiple devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones and a Linux NAS)

Andrew Tegala, 02/06/2016

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