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This is the best vpn. User friendly and quick response tech support 24/7

Henry Rafoth, 09/24/2016

I have tried quite a few of the competition and have found PIA, at least for my needs, the best.

Jennifer Worrell, 09/24/2016

Software is really simple. FAQs are really clear. Got it working on multiple devices including my DD-WRT router, just follow the steps. Speed is great.

Derek Fuentes, 09/23/2016

the latency to a game server in france, was exactly the same, 30 ms, with on and off to test if it was affected by vpn at all, I switched to denmark server, and yes, latency increased to 48ms so, always use the server closest to you for lowest latency increase 40 per year is a great deal, too

snori, 09/23/2016

Bought a year of PIA for $40, which (given the competition) is a great price. Installation was incredibly easy, and the connection has never once gone out without me intentionally disconnecting (which is also incredibly simple). No complaints.

Luke Schaack, 09/23/2016

Easy to use, very friendly and professional service, works great!

Peter Whelan, 09/22/2016

Great product, works as advertised and the speeds are good. The customer service is what puts them over and above the rest.

Patryk Vanson, 09/20/2016

A friend recommended PIA and I am now using it on my desktop, two laptops and an android TV box (using the PIA app downloaded from the Google store). The price is decent, setup was fast and easy. Connections are fast for most servers and I have not experienced ANY reduction in internet speeds using the closest PIA servers. PIA blocks SMTP servers (I did not know this when I signed up) so I was unable to send email while using their service. PIA Support offered to whitelist my server and sent me the new settings needed to resolve this issue. I decided it was easier just to disconnect PIA when sending email but appreciated the very quick response to the only problem that I have had so far.

Robert Thomas, 09/19/2016

installation is very simple. Not all servers are fast. interface could be made more attractieve.

Chris Dinkla, 09/12/2016

Sometimes will lose connection

Ian Heim, 09/06/2016

Setup was straightforward and the price is definitely reasonable. I went ahead and paid for the full year based on reading good reviews. I have had no issues so far. One of the IPs that I was using at one point was actually blocked from Craigslist for some reason, but obviously that was easy to fix and completely understandable. I notice no difference in max bandwidth or latency, nor do I get any packet loss when connected to any of the servers I have tried. The program itself is unnoticeable in the background. I would recommend this company.

Ryan Lampel, 09/24/2016

Easy to use, set it to auto connect and it's on every time I use my computer.

Jonathan Tin-Wong, 09/24/2016

The best VPN out there

Bill Cosner, 09/23/2016

I had no problem with them.

revi, 09/23/2016

Works as advertised. Fast and easy.

Laurent Duchesne, 09/22/2016

The set up was pretty Esau, kinda wish the app was more useful on my Mac, I had to create connections using the network settings on my Mac.. Also I don't remember my login now cuz I'm out side the country and don't have my main computer..

Harjot Singh, 09/22/2016

Everything went easy and fast: payed with Bitcoins and a few seconds later my credentials were in my inbox. Custom setup with OpenVPN on my server worked immediately. Very good speed, better than I had hoped for. Hope this service will stay like it is: uncomplicated, fast and working. All in all it makes a very good impression.

Marcel Duchamps, 09/20/2016

The only reason I'm taking the time to do this is because the customer support was so fast and efficient. All problems were solved. Time will tell how the app works and stands up.....so far so good. A reasonable price too.

Brook Bilney, 09/13/2016

had a slow start setting it up on Fedora (wish they would offer an application similar to Ubuntu). Other then that the application is great, works good on mobile devices, no noticeable slow downs that you would typically see from VPN services.

Chad England, 09/07/2016

Did not work when installing the VPN from the OS GUI on Ubuntu 16.04, but worked perfectly from the command line.

BrentJM, 09/05/2016

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