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I have tried many different VPNs, too many actually... I found that many of them said they offered exotic locations around the world. But when I checked they were just using an Amazon service as a host and actually logging me! PIA does not log (look up the related court case) and actually has their own servers. On top of that they offer extremely strong, configurable encryption. Their app is simple and 100% reliable which I prefer over a slow / clunk one which may look shiny. The only thing I can say is even though PIA is already cheap, sometimes they offer 2 - 3 year subscription deals, wait for those if you'd like! I cannot recommend PIA enough. It's the best publicly available VPN out there.

Joe, 08/30/2016

Great response time to a technical issue,within a few hours...on a weekend! First VPN service I've ever used and from setting it up couldn't be more impressed.

Brian Phillips , 08/29/2016

Title says it all, it's amazing!

Dennis Ringnér, 08/28/2016

Occasionally my internet connection speed has been slower than it was before I got Private Internet Access, but most of the time I don't even notice that the service is running. Easy download / setup & no technical problems @ all. The increased security is worth more than the price of the service & I now consider having it a "no-brainer".

Art Northrup, Jr., 08/27/2016

I was having issues with my DHSP setting and I sent a email to the help desk. They replied in 15 mins with a step by step guide to fix my issue. Could not be happier. 😍

Nate Brown, 08/27/2016

it has been great when its working right but i can tell there r still a few bugs to work out and maybe get more optimized thanks

daniel woods, 08/27/2016

This is year 3 with this company and NO HASSLES any time. That's why I renewed without looking at others Ian NSW AU

Ian Younger, 08/26/2016

I've had it for about a week now and so far its great! It works for the Internet on my laptop and both of my phones. Even works on my phone when I'm using LTE.

Andy Everage, 08/26/2016

After some days of using PIA I am satisfied with the service. Only a few IPs are Geo-locked, but you can change it quickly.

Ruud Libau, 08/24/2016

So far the service has been pretty good. There have been a few instances of outages that can be annoying but I've only been using it for a few days.

Chris, 08/23/2016

The service is very impressive. The vpn is easy to setup and use. It works great. I have not had any issues at all.

Fox Dude, 08/30/2016

Have tried other VPNs and am finding the PIA client reliable and superior, there support prompt and thorough, and the pricing the most competitive for an outstanding service. Don't know what took me so long

LuE, 08/29/2016

Install and forget it, my system performs like it's not there, yet I am protected whilst online. Amazing speed, simple to use, it just works....

Mr Simon Evans, 08/28/2016

The client does have odd moments, particularly on Windows 10 - most notably the client will quietly exit occasionally. Other than that we're happy with the service, have signed on for a second year.

number8, 08/27/2016

Simply so easy to use is why I have subscribed.

Dexter Simpson, 08/27/2016

This is a MUST for your browsing experience. So unobtrusive, so easy! No effect on speed. In these days of Internet scams, breaches and other nefarious activity, PIA is a low-cost effective security MUST.

Kim Poole, 08/26/2016

Fast VPN Internet, regular security updates and good service

Serban F, 08/26/2016

first time using a vpn service.I was very worried about having problems with installation and conectivity because there is no way to test this software for at least one day trial.But I searched the web for info regarding the best vpn services,and after days of reading several coments of people around the world sharing their experiences using vpn,I decided to try PIA for a month.I must say the installation and understanding how the software works was like a walk in the park.I am very pleased with myself.

Isha xy, 08/26/2016

I have experienced no problems with signing in on my original devices. However, I have found it difficult to register with my username and password on a third device. My ultimate question is: How how do I know if it's actually working? I suppose I won't really know unless I never have a problem? Like a better way to verify its effectiveness.

Deborah, 08/24/2016

I wanted a VPN that ran across windows,linux and android operating systems and so far I have nothing but positive things to say. Installed easy enough on all systems and does what it claims. On the downside it slows my downloads from 50mbps to 40 according to OOkla speedtest but tolerable for me.

DCM, 08/22/2016

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