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For my home, I have tried many VPN services for IP Masking/encryption and DNS services for unblocking content. PIA is by far the best of them. A solid solution for use on desktop clients (with ahealthy amount of allowable concurrent users), and for use on iPad, as well for use an OpenVPN client on the router (which I use for the ROKU). Documentation and tech support are there, and the price is great, especially the annual plan that I am now on. Very short learning curve to get it set up, and the service feels rock solid and fast. With a 7 day money back arrangement, you really cannot go wrong in trying it. Very happy with my decision.

Sheldon M., 08/20/2015

Private Internet Access is awesome! I will be upgrading to a yearly subscription as soon the current subscription runs out.

Anonymous, 05/18/2015

Loved the service so I am going to upgrade to the yearly package! Great work guys

Anonymous, 05/17/2015

I've used several VPN services over the past 10 years and had varying experiences with setup and features. PrivateInternetAccess was extremely easy to setup on my computer. Your instructions for my iPhone were also easy to follow. The speeds seem excellent. Great service. Thank you.

Mike F.

PIA-VPN has been outstanding since the moment I subscribed, installed and connected! There are many servers in the USA and the world….The app is very stable, easy to use, and light on system resources. It has literally never failed over many months of daily use. The documentation and chat/email customer service are prompt and very helpful. I needed tech support only once for an issue that was my error, not PIA-VPN. The price for the technology, the many benefits it provides, and the level of service is a great value. The total package is the best I've used over 15+ years.


I would like to complement your excellent support team Len M who helped me this morning. He was patient through and extremely helpful despite me making it ten times harder than it should have been. I have never had such excellence customer service in ANY field. Thank you again.


Thank you so much for your help and time to help resolve the issue. Everything is working perfectly fine with the information you sent me. Give my thanks to those who also assisted in this situation. You guys are a great company.


l I just wanted to write a brief note of thanks to you and your team. Leah G helped me today with outstanding courtesy, timeliness, and accuracy. My connection issue was resolved in less than 15 minutes and Leah was incredibly helpful. I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service I received and will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family. Thanks again!

Anonymous, 06/02/2015

Great VPN, would and already have recommended to friends! no problems at all!


PIA is superb...Thanks and keep up the excellent work.


...Looking forward to using your service for the next year.


I added my MacBook to my smartphone which was already on PIA's VPN. I needed a bit of help from tech support, which was very fast in resolving the issues. Top notch support! Thanks.

Lance Z 06/28/2015

You guys rocked it!…Thanks for the service you guys provided.

Anonymous, 05/15/2015

Have been very happy with pricing and quality/consistency of service.

Anonymous, 05/14/2015

Brendan solved in 12 hours what Apple couldn't, and what half of your competitors can't. I just wanted to thank you. As I write this email I'm also filling out an experience review cyberghost requested now that my account is closed, and my review to them is the polar opposite of the one I now write to you. Your techs are great, in fact the best I've ever dealt with- they're mac experts that means a lot to me. Thank you.


Only good things were said about your service, and I looked it over and was amazed by the sheer amount of things that your company would allow me to do with my VPN service (things like, simultaneous connections and unltd. bandwidth come to mind). Then, I saw the price and was absolutely astounded. I have been using your services for a mere day, and will never ever look back. Thank you very much, from a loyal and soon-to-be-longtime customer.


…I'm glad you're here and I'm glad to put my money towards a great service. I wish you all the best of luck. I'm looking forward to enjoying a freer internet experience.


I've tried several VPN services in the past. PIA is the best with it's multiple servers and 24/7 support. I upgraded my monthly service after a few weeks to the yearly and haven't looked back. Thanks!

Deborah, 06/03/2015

Tech support can often be a thankless job, this I well understand because a fair amount of my own job is doing just that. So I wanted to let you guys know that I'm very impressed with your level of support, your eagerness to actually try and solve the problem, and your friendly and swift responses. Top marks to you all.


If I lived in the US I’d buy you all a beer. But as I don’t, and they’ve just stopped selling it here in Indonesia (yeah, check that out!), I’ll raise a glass of Diet Coke to you all instead.


Fabulous service! Keep up the amazing work.


Awesome product!!!! Only going to cancel my monthly service so I can upgrade to a yearly one!

Anonymous, 06/15/2015

It was very easy to set up and effective for my use, I would recommend to a friend and will return if I ever need this service again. Thank you for your product!

Anonymous 06/18/2015

Thank you! You have fantastic customer service and have been a huge help. If I ever look into this kind of service again you will definitely be on the top of my list. Have a wonderful day!

Isaac 06/26/2015

Great service, good support, inexpensive.

Anonymous. 06/29/2015

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