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PIA was a very simple solution to online privacy concerns, easy to install and use. The cost was an absolute factor in my decision. My only issue is concerning port forwarding through the VPN if I wish to leave it on at home all day while I am in the office. It makes it difficult to monitor my home system. Otherwise, you can't beat the price and protection!

Corey Weir, 05/29/2016

1st time using setting up a VPN. Was put on to you through a trusted mate. Told me was good value for money & easy to set up. Was a tad nervous as I'm a 'if anyone can break it, i will' user & I'm yet to break it haha. With nice easy back to basics steps to get you up & running, i am proud to say i set it all up on my own & am yet to 'break' anything. I even have it setup on my tablet & mobile (all by my self). With all the basic steps, app & program, i think this is 1 thing even i can't stuff up haha Thank you team for creating something even a dummy like me can use :)

Michelle, 05/28/2016

With all of the great reviews out there, it seemed impossible to live up to expectations. But PIA certainly has, and has even gone above them! No problems yet, fast service, ridiculously great value at a very affordable price point. Can't complain about anything so far.

Anthony, 05/27/2016

The service so far has been fantastic and and the speed of the VPN is terrific. I wish I could pick states instead of regions for US but it's decent coverage.

Edanry Rivera, 05/27/2016

App helps me establish a VPN connection whenever needed. Just download the app/software, get your login info and go!

James Chen, 05/26/2016

I've been using it only a few days, and have not had any issues with it so far!

Kevin Wang, 05/26/2016

Fast connection and no issue what so ever. Would recommend.

Miguel, 05/25/2016

I've used a few different VPN providers over the years, and recently made the move to PIA... I highly doubt I'll be going back to anyone else. I can get pretty much the full 150mbps out of my connection to the UK and Netherlands servers, I can port forward (Only 1 port, on specific servers), use P2P and even connect on 5 devices at once. But best of all, PIA does no logging whatsoever and doesn't throttle anything. Now that's worth paying for, a VPN service that doesn't "sniffer dog" your traffic 24/7 so you can download whatever you want... To a certain extent. They even support Linux, and not with a dodgy CLI utility or a manual setup, they actually have a GUI utility for Ubuntu that sits in your indicators and handles everything for you. A nice touch for us Linux users.

Adam, 05/23/2016

PIA is the fastest VPN I've ever used. It also offers different encryption, connection types and whatnot. You won't even feel the difference in pings (web loading, gaming, etc). The download speed is still very fast. The only hiccup I ran into was, when I enabled the DNS leak protection and kill switch, I couldn't use internet at all...with or without vpn, my system just won't connect to my router, other pcs are fine and it took me several hours to figure that out. Overall 4 stars, speed 5/5, customer support 3/5, user interface 3/5 (good thing is it doesn't have "user interface" so it don't use computer's resources), I would recommend it to anyone who wants some privacy and ISP throttling.

Thaw Zin, 05/22/2016

I have been with PIA for three years and they were ultra helpful in getting me set up (e.g flashing my my router, upgrading firmware etc.) and I have been very pleased with the service ... up until January of 2016. I now have PIA client software working on my laptop (Windows 10) but every time I run it on my desktop (where I want it and my server is, also on Windows 10), I get the grey screen and I have to uninstall the software in order to use the machine. Very frustrating. I have contacted PIA about it and have yet to be given a solution. I would like to give PIA full marks but it is a bit of a PIA right now having to shuffle files all over the place.

Andrew, 05/22/2016

PIA has been great so far! VPN client is one of the best out there...simple, easy to set up, and has more features (kill setting) that others don't have. Also, their free proxy service is a must! Very impressed. Anyone surfing the net in today's oppressive big-brother, abusive, overreaching government era is crazy! Nobody should be doing anything on the internet today without VPN and Proxy set up.

Steve, 05/29/2016

I had a few issues with signing up for the first time, and within a couple of email exchanges I was extremely pleased to have the VPN paid for and quickly up and running on all of my computers and mobile devices, which have always maintained a steady connection without any connection drops at all. As a subscriber for only a month, I have been blown away by the spectacular service and I plan to keep PIA as my VPN provider for a long time to come!

Bob, 05/27/2016

Been using PIA for a few years now and have been extremely happy with the quality and reliability of the service.

Eric, 05/27/2016

I wanted a VPN that would maximise privacy, minimise disruptions to normal download speeds and be relatively easy to install. After a few hours of research I chose PIA and am very happy on all three fronts. Highly recommended.

UlyZed, 05/26/2016

The setup instructions are easy, I was up and running in a few minutes, no hassle since then, and their rates are very reasonable. Can't ask for more.

Guilaume Laurent, 05/26/2016

Have been using it for over 6 months with no issues and great support team.

SS, 05/26/2016

Fast, stable and easy to use

Rexmore, 05/25/2016

Incredible software that doesn't only offer affordable, reasonable VPN among almost all major computers today, but also allows customization. You can choose the general country and/or location as well see your current ID. Thanks for the awesome service.

KM, 05/22/2016

Very fast on windows 10 and is more secure

Jashou, 05/22/2016

Easy Linux installation - ask for link to their forum pages. Very easy to install on any Linux distro - tasks 3-5mins max. If you use an ISP with firewall e.g., Virgin Media, you will need to change their settings too. Very fast speeds.

Alan Urdaibay, 05/21/2016

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