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Overall, its a great VPN service. Support responds within an hour (I have contacted their support 4 times). The only real downside is that I cannot get the VPN to work on an Arch based Linux distribution. (not that they advertise their support it). But otherwise it works great on my Android phone and my windows workstation.

Vlad, 11/29/2016

I have had this for a few days now. So far I've had no issues. Download and browsing speeds not affected at all. I recommend PIA to anyone to at least give it a try.

Harry Webb, 11/28/2016

I have only used one other VPN provider and this beats it hands down. Reviews suggested this service is bare bones. Give me bare bones any day. Took me a minute to get going. I love that it automatically connects when ever the internet is present. Nothing to do but go on line or grab your email. Totally transparent.

Joe T. , 11/27/2016

I quite honestly cannot think of a negative when it comes to PIA and the service they offer. While I have not connected to every server in every country that they offer, those servers that I did connect to all had very fast connection speeds. So far I have only used their Windows and Android based apps but both were very easy to install and setup and they are very easy to understand and use. I haven't had a reason to contact their customer support but they did go out of their way to send me an e-mail later in the day after I had subscribed to their service. The e-mail just wanted to let me know where and how I could contact their customer support just in case I did run into any problems or just needed help understanding how it worked. The fact that they sent me that e-mails bodes well for their customer support department. All in all I am very satisfied and happy I chose PIA for my VPN needs.

Anthony Minier (DJ AnthonyM), 11/27/2016

I've not had it long, but it's been working great for me. My speeds haven't decreased and it makes me feel safer. It has gone down once or twice for short periods, not sure why, but I was able to get it back up relatively quickly.

Acerbic One (Ace), 11/27/2016

PIA VPN has been great, and I'm still satisfied with the 1 year contract with them. The only reason to having 4 stars is because I've experienced some minor bugs or "glitches" when using it on my Mac Air. I have 2 separate accounts on my Mac, 1 for work and 1 personal, and after logging out from from one account and logging into the other, PIA won't connect (it says it's loading) unless I restart. Since my Mac is fast and I mainly use PIA for work now, it's not a big issue, but I think it's work mentioning it. Besides that, when using PIA on my Android, sometimes it just won't load the page fast while connecting through the VPN, that happens too with streaming websites on my Mac Air. But as I said, I'm happy with PIA since I bough it for using it with my "work" account and it works great.

Mario, 11/26/2016

This is my first stab at using a vpn and so far it has gone very well. Setup on a standard Windows OS is so simple it had me looking for more steps. I am mostly in a Linux environment. My distro, PC Linux OS, does not have a PIA app so set up took some doing. PIA works fine even under Linux once I give the proper command line code. Linux users are used to such annoyances. Windows 7 in a virtual box setup was also easy but after connecting to PIA server the internet icon showed "no internet connection." Fortunately everything works and I do have anonymous connection, it's just the icon that's screwy. I posted a comment regarding the misleading icon to the PIA support site and got a reply in a few minutes.

Bruce --, 11/25/2016

No...I.T. personnel over-watch warning us of the consequences of surfing the Internet or being locked out and reprimanded. Great job PIA and glad I found your site.

Robert, 11/23/2016

Being new to VPN use I was not sure how difficult it would be to set up. PIA made the process relatively simple and support for my questions about installation was there when needed in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend PIA to anyone looking for this service.

Doug Tate, 11/22/2016

Can honestly say I love using this VPN more than any other I've tried on the market bc it's fast easy to use and I feel like a welcomed customer, I recommend this VPN to anyone looking for securits and privacy in mind

Joseph Juarez, 11/20/2016

Though the price is higher than other VPNs, it has been easy to set-up and use and effective. Speeds are high, connectivity is perfect, and I have not run into problems with torrenting yet.

Calvin Lu, 11/29/2016

Connects quickly and automatically, and works just as intended.

Derek Vargo, 11/28/2016

The VPNs seem to work well, although support for chrome OS could be more user friendly.

Henry, 11/27/2016

Fast.Easy to use.Great customer service.Affordable price.Can't ask for more.Thank you guys!

Artur Solyanyk, 11/27/2016

Great does the job

George Scoular, 11/26/2016

I have had a lot of connection problems unrelated to PIA and was ready to abandon a VPN altogether. PIA Customer Service did an outstanding job of guiding me through a very complex solution.... and now everything works. The Customer Service people deserve a nice raise!!!

John, 11/25/2016

Have been using for a week, had no issues as yet, was able to set up without any issues on a router. Speed obviously varies depending on which server you go through, but the UK servers don't slow much at all for me, get about 80% of my normal speed. Since purchasing PIA they have followed up with several informative emails, point out various features, how to get tech support, etc, which I thought was a good after service process.

Pabloh20, 11/24/2016

I have been using it for only a week and am already in love with it. So far the speed has been top notch no disconnects. The fact that most vpn services are blocked in my country but none of the PIA servers are. I currently have a monthly subscription and I plan to change it to yearly if no issues pop up.

Barış Göktan, 11/23/2016

Quick connection, simple interface & plenty of servers - does what its meant to do very wrll. . I'm also using it on iPhone, iPad, iMac & Mabook Air from a single subscription so great value. Would recommend PIA.

BJC - Central Scotland, 11/22/2016

I was recommended this company and I'm glad I've started using them. I had some teething problems at the start which were quickly resolved. Highly recommended.

Ron Prado, 11/20/2016

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