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I just purchased PIA and found installation easy. I have had success with accessing all except Netflix. I have submitted an email requesting help with this. I will see what kind of response I get.

Jay Goldmintz, 10/24/2016

Everything has been great. Easy to set up. I haven't had any problems, and Customer Service is very proactive in preventing/ensuring that I don't. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Chris Joyce, 10/22/2016

I'm using Private Internet Access for a few months now, and it's by far my favorite service. The speed of the servers are fast; I never had a moment of delay during game sessions or a time of slow speed when watching a 1080p YouTube video. Most of the time I'm even connected to a server that's across the ocean! The only problem I had is a Cloudflare captcha page while I'm connected to servers in the Netherlands; switch to Germany and the problem is solved! Oh, the promise of planting a tree for every server added was the dealbreaker for me even to go for PIA. Keep up the good work and maintain the climate movement!

Niek Esselink, 10/21/2016

The support team was responsive, getting back to me very quickly. I had some challenges installing the app in different WIndows OS, one of them being the notorious Windows Vista. It took one day per machine to poke around, try different scenarios before I could have the VPNs run on my two laptops. The support team was also very patient, sending me different sets of instructions as I tried them out. Thank you.

Frank Pho, 10/21/2016

I'm a first-time VPN user and bought 1 month of service from a competitor. I wasn't happy with the performance, so I bought 1 month service from Private Internet Access. Not only was it much easier to set up on all my computers (Windows PC, Raspberry Pi), but it consistently and substatially outperformed the competitor. I'm now purchased a year of Private Internet Access and am very happy with it.

Wayne Wall, 10/20/2016

I'm very glad I have tried PIA, and have been reading many reviews about all the VPN's providers, I went through trying few of the best and the time came to try PIA, and become speechless about how awesome "unexpected" speed is and the other services like providing Sock5. I use FTP a lot and due to my ISP my connection is throttled, but I have set PIA's sock4 proxy, and my download hits the roof like a rocket. As you look for privacy, you also look for speed as use stream youtube, and I couldn't be happier than this. Excellent customer services, they give you enough information to reply to your question.

Mozef Kaddas, 10/18/2016

I have a friend who recommended the service, and after testing it out at his place, I decided to get a year for myself. It works awesome, great connectivity when downloading. Loved the price too.

Ben Dover, 10/16/2016

It was my first VPN. After reading much reviews it was obvious it had to be my first one! Easy to use and to set. Then...if it the best....why change?

Pedro Duarte de Carvalho, 10/16/2016

As time has gone by, I'm seeing more and more intrusion into my private life by corporations and governments that have no entitlement to know where I am or what I am doing at any given moment. With the new big brother state, where ISPs are going to be required to monitor every web request, I've decided it's time that I must resort to VPN access. I chose PIA thanks to their solid reputation, and guarantee that no logging of your connections takes place. The license covering up to 5 connections also helps. The install and control on Windows 10 is exemplary, choosing my country of emergence to the net is a handy tool, and I like the clear notifications of when I'm private and when somebody's able to monitor me. The iPhone app is great, but I had to uninstall because the profiles were interfering with my ODBII monitoring app. I still have the equivalent app running on my iPad, and that's good too. Obviously with an iPhone and iPad, it's less secure, thanks to the constant phoning home of everything, but you can restrict the information going out, so the chances of identification are minimised. My main aim here though is simply to stop wi-fi snooping, or stingray style intercepts. I find it much more useful on the Windows boxes, where I can really stop the flow of identifiers (if I used social networks, it might not be so easy!!). Just because I've got nothing to hide, doesn't mean I want to expose myself to the world, or the civil servant that wants to chat to his mates down the pub about some of the searches people do. PIA gives me the privacy I need, at a reasonable price, and I thank them for it.

Paul Burke, 10/15/2016

My only gripe so far is that many sites block the VPN. That's not PIA's fault of course. I've used a few other vpns and they don't come near the level of great service that PIA has. I just got a new computer, Windows 10, 64 bit, and it runs great, only sometimes disconnects on its own for a few seconds but I haven't yet looked into why. Still, it's too good of a service for me to go elsewhere and works better than anything else I've used to date. 😊

Adam Force, 10/14/2016

I use Socks 5 configuration trought deluge on my NAS, no problems at all this far. Often, vpn gives u lower internett connection speed, with this provider thats not the case, full speed anytime.

Kristoffer Syversen, 10/23/2016

Our family has been using it for 1 year and we just renewed the subscription. I highly recommend it.

Joshua Statton, 10/22/2016

One of the very few VPNs which is fast enough for me to enjoy my Kodi Internet TV without the buffering I used to get on trial versions of other VPNs, due to the slow speed. Support and service are quick to respond and efficient and knowledgeable. If I have to harp about anything, it is that too many different people deal with the same problem. I had Aaron, Adam, Matthew and Greg dealing with my problem (not a complaint), but to give them credit for their differing views on fixes, only one of which worked, they did admit they don't have much experience of Kodi. Altogether they are a smart outfit and I can thoroughly recommend them.

Pete, 10/21/2016

I'm new to Linux mint and ran into an issue with my also new VPN with Private Internet Access but the help desk solved it for me very quickly and efficiently. 5 stars for a great product and service!

Stevie, 10/21/2016

At first I took out a monthly subscription to try it out and just cancelled the recurring payment from PayPal. It was easy to download and easy to use and gave me peace of mind whilst browsing. After the month is was a no brainer, especially at the price, to go for the yearly option.

Danny morgan, 10/19/2016

With all of the substandard services and deceptive/dishonest, money-stealing schemes out there, it is quite refreshing to see a no-nonsense company regularly providing a great product with optimum Internet connectivity and wide-ranging accessibility. I have absolutely no complaints with this product. It does exactly what it advertises -- with no gimmicks.

Erich Grove, 10/17/2016

Amazing. Instant responses from customer service team, great product, great price, it's everything I need. The service has been very reliable, fast and it just works. Great company!

Chris, 10/16/2016

New to using VPNs but so far the process has been extremely simple and with the relatively low costs, I don't have an excuse to not use one. Haven't put it through much of a work load yet or much trialing but so far I am confident in the service and look forward to using more.

Tim L, 10/15/2016

Use this product. I don't know how the other's work but PIA works great! It does everything they claim it will. If you need help, the customer service department is right there to respond.

Mike B., 10/14/2016

They are very helpful, anytime I send them questions, I get help very quickly. Great service! PIA VPN is the best! Thank you!

John, 10/12/2016

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