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Excellent service, very simple to set up and easy to use

Philip, 07/29/2016

Quick and easy setup and intuitive usage.....I cannot tell any difference in bandwidth when I am protected and I use 75 down 10 up cable connection. All this at $40 bucks a year is awesome.

Mike D, 07/27/2016

I'm one of the "professionally paranoid" (love that :) referred to in anorther review. That happens with age I guess ? The only problem was letting my subscription lapse then realized I had accidentally canceled the auto-renew payment. Simply opened a new account, no problem. Have recommended your service to many. Is there a reward for getting new customers ? Thanks PIA. Here to stay.

Brian, 07/27/2016

I will keep this short and sweet. PIA VPN is the best, safest, and fastest VPN I have ever used. They care about clients over any government or agency that may demand log data. They refuse to log anything at any time. They just dropped servers in Russia because that government demanded they log clients and turn data over to them. PIA sided with us and didn't bend the knee to them. Instead they kicked Russia to the curb to keep their clients private on the internet! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PIA VPN!

Vince, 07/26/2016

Popped my VPN cherry with PrivateTunnel from OpenVPN. Ran into a crap ton of problems, especially trying to torrent. PIA works nearly flawlessly. Also, cell install is easy and works great. Pricing and features really satisfy the soul.

Rich, 07/25/2016

Works great, hardly ever any trouble, infrequent disconnects

Jack Schloen, 07/25/2016

I was a little confused with set up but got there in the end. I really only wanted to try this for one year and then decide if I wanted to continue with the service but I think the setup is for charging each year. Happy with service otherwise

Helen Clark, 07/24/2016

Was impressed by the speed of e-mail support and quality of customized advice.

Maksim Khafizov, 07/24/2016

No problems yet. I get disconnected sometimes with specific countries.

Elizabeth Kelly, 07/23/2016

Previous customer now returned. Great price, great service. Easy setup, extremely reliable with very little loss of download speed. I resigned for another year and will most likely continue to do so as log as I frequent various P2P sites.

AJ DiFucci Jr, 07/21/2016

Setup could have been made a little easier for customers that aren't IT people but it was by no means difficult. VPN is trustworthy and works great.

Cortland Campau, 07/28/2016

I've used several different VPN providers, paying varying amounts. What PIA offers is on par or beyond what other providers do at an insanely competitive rate! Using PIA's primary servers never slow down my internet connection, allowing me to maximize my network usage while staying protected. Highly recommended!

Jordon, 07/27/2016

I have tried many differend vpn providers, but all of them have failed! have finally found the best vpn service! Works great in nordic countries! customer for ever!

Olli Eisto, 07/26/2016

Under the time i tried it it was fast no hazel. It ust workt.

Martin, 07/26/2016

Just signed up and after I figured that I had an older version of the Mac OSX and playing all the tutorials, it is finally up and running. I'm not that computer savvy so I'm not sure what is going on when I connect to my favorite torrent site, but I hope things are good, because I don't really know how to gage if I'm invisible. If anyone would like to explain in easy terms it would be helpful. Thanks.

Alex Marianopoulos, 07/25/2016

This probably means nothing to most of my friends but to the professionally paranoid or those who value their privacy like myself, and who use OpenVPN tunneling software to encrypt and secure their internet usage and traffic, the Russian Government has passed a new law that mandates that every provider must log all Russian internet traffic for up to a year. With the enforcement regime surrounding this new law, some VPN encrypted Russian Servers (RU) were recently seized by Russian Authorities, without notice or any type of due process. Any way - So much for Putin-on-the-Ritz... Anyway if for your own reasons your looking for an anonymous VPN provider with manual configurations of the new encryption algorithms including AES-256, SHA-256, and RSA-4096; I suggest privateinternetaccess - they have over 3000 servers with rotating certificates that allow encrypted OpenVPN connection with the ability to display the login in over 20 different countries. It works for PC, android and Mac Ios. It runs as low as $3.33/month and you can even use bitcoin or giftcards to pay anonymously and leave zero electronic-forensic trail. Data snooper software like Firesheep, Ethereal, Kismet and wireshark are not capable of collection of your data, access to your accounts or messages. Anyway Just a suggestion. Take a look, i use it and consider it Gerry Approved. Remember - у вас есть только столько частную жизнь, как вы думаете, у вас есть ... И то, что они не знают, не может причинить вам вред.

Gerry Verfaillie, 07/25/2016

If I'd have known a VPN could be this cheap whilst still providing 95% of my line speeds and >1ms ping jitter I'd have bought into it years ago. Thanks PIA!

Matthew Wolffsohn, 07/24/2016

From setup to billing to connectivity, I've never had a single problem. Going strong for nearly 2 years now.

Kevin, 07/24/2016

Would not recommend anyone else actually, does a great job in cloaking my identity!!!

Gary B, 07/21/2016

There are few glitches, sometimes it's a bit slow and also it reconnects while using - can be a bit annoying

Jakub Ziemba, 07/20/2016

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