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Easy software to set up. The anonymity appears to work well. Disappointing that it cannot overcome geo-specific rules (unable to view BBC-2 from the US).

Dimitri Moursellas, 02/10/2016

I've been using Private Internet Access for more than two years and their speed, uptime, and helpful support and updates have made the experience a piece of cake, even with a payment processor switch right before my subscription re-up. Don't listen to the angry negative reviews about payments or service that doesn't work. The vast majority of those people are just confused (or worse). VPN's themselves are way above most peoples' understanding, and apparently so is following instructions.

David Tesch, 02/10/2016

I needed to switch from another VPN provider and on a comparison site read about PIA. I was quite surprised that they had a good review by looking at their website (somehow doesn't give the most professional image). I decided to give it a try and yes! Setup straightforward on Windows 10 x64 (you need trusted drivers and PIA provides them), Linux (OpenVPN config files ready to download in a zip file) and Android phones. VPN services are from great speed and reliable so far. Switching between the servers is very easy and doesn't need a special configuration on the website as other VPN providers do... So yes, I am just satisfied, great price, great product :)

emak, 02/10/2016

I emailed the billing department on an issue that was related to a rejected bill submitted by PIA to a credit card whose number been changed due to credit card fraud on October 13, 2015. On the very next day (keep in mind we are 9 hours away time-zone wise) I got a response from PIA informing me of the problem. I went to their web site, submitted the new number and had instant connection again. It's a weird world and sometimes stalkers, trolls, etc. either have friends who are web masters, or who are web masters themselves. PIA is an extremely valuable 'self-defense tool' at a bargain of a price. I recommend it.

Chad J, 02/09/2016

Very satisfied with the quality and support from Private Internet Access. Fast speeds with tons of servers to connect to. Prices for monthly, or yearly subscriptions are very reasonable. Setup was very easy with the PIA connector software. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a VPN service. Five star service.

Kevin, 02/09/2016

Setup PIA on 2 windows and 2 linux boxes and it was easier than I thought. I was done in 2 hours and now I feel more confident of my online privacy. Yes, I would spend the money again and recommend to anyone with these concerns . . .

Hudgen, 02/08/2016

For my purposes it works great. i do enjoy that i can change my IP at will and instantly. the encryption is a major plus. no restrictions on the types of down loads is comforting. i actually really dont feel that someone is over my shoulder. im paying for trust. so far iv gotten that.

kymaaera, 02/06/2016

Excelent Feature, and no traffic log everywhere :D This is very help me when download a Torrent, doing a transaction,and many can i do :D Goodd 100 (y) For Private internet access

Ryan Tirta, 02/06/2016

Has been working great. Earlier today I was disconnected for some reason. Currently working to resolve the issue. Otherwise, thumbs up!

Tom, 02/05/2016

So far so good fastest so far

Angel rodriguez, 02/04/2016

I am a fairly new customer. I have been using this service for several months and I use it for both, my computers and smartphones. Easy setup, affordable, and reliable - fairly decent speed around 15 - 20 mbps. I would recommend this product to anyone who works from home or travels. In this hyper security conscious environment it is becoming a necessity to take additional steps to protect yourself online.

Tom J - Colorado, 02/10/2016

This service is the best "value for your dollar" that I've seen on the Internet. Not only is it a great price, but you also get service that is unparalleled to any that I've seen. 24/7 support just isn't an option for a lot of companies, but it is here! This service is very reliable. I have yet to have trouble connecting to any of the VPN servers. Highly recommend! Best of the best out there for sure!

Nick Hain, 02/10/2016

I have been using PIA for some time now, I have to say, anyone that's not quite sure about using this service, I can say without doubt, you will not regret it, the service they provide is superior to all the other company's that I had tried in the past. I had a few problems setting up a dd-wrt router, the support team were amazing and in no time my router was up and running, my whole house is now protected. I highly recommend PIA.

Steve Evans, 02/10/2016

Reasonable price, reliable, fast speed, and easily set up.

黃暐鵬, 02/09/2016

Just got subscription a couple of days ago and very pleased. So far so great!

Richard, 02/08/2016

I did a lot of homework and read a lot of reviews on VPN's before choosing Private Internet Access and I'm glad I chose PIA. This VPN exceeded my expectations on ease of setup and speed. Setup is just a copy and paste of user name and password from an e-mail to the PIA software. My internet speeds are a little bit faster while using Private Internet Access as well!

John Oliverson, 02/07/2016

It works excelent. I plan to buy two years service in the future. Now I feel comfortable when I surf the web Regards Stan

Stan Kmiecik, 02/06/2016

Only join recently, so getting used to the service but solid connection so far. I also needed specialist support for my Debian box and the support team turned my ticket around on the same day and provided clear instructions on what I needed to do. Purchased a two year account, which is excellent value. My only complaint would be to improve the quality of the icon and interface of the Android app - but I am being picky. There are other VPN companies with aesthetically better looking software but PIA does what you want, no fuss. Using across multiple devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones and a Linux NAS)

Andrew Tegala, 02/06/2016

Just signed up for another 2 years. Found the company extremely helpful when I got into some trouble with the initial installation which was completely my fault. The VPN itself has been brilliant and have only experienced a couple of short downtimes the past year. Keep up the good work.

Hugh Webster, 02/05/2016

I'm new to vpn and was worried about loosing / dropping download speed from my internet 60 broadband. So far no problems there. I am seeing speeds as good as I was when not connected. The only thing is the ping is quite a bit higher but since online gaming is not one of my things not a problem.

Randy, 02/04/2016

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