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"I wanted to upgrade to a yearly billing cycle. I really like your service!"

Anonymous, 11/12/2012

"Signed up while traveling outside the US. Will use again on future trips."

Anonymous, 10/31/2012

"Wanted to try it out before going to a yearly subscription. I've decided to upgrade at the end of the month. Thanks for the great service!"

Anonymous, 10/31/2012

"Before (Private Internet Access), I was always concerned about my security when traveling and browsing in airports and hotels. It was always on the back of my mind, that someone was watching me. I finally decided to try out this service and, now, I feel extremely safe online. I would recommend it to anyone who needs confidentiality when traveling."

Will M., 10/16/2010
Salesman, New York

"As a barista at a popular coffee shop in the city (NY), some of my customers used to ask me about their privacy while using the free internet our shop offers. I didn't know what to say. Then, a few of the regulars told me about PrivateInternetAccess.com and I tried it myself. It was so fast and easy. I signed up and connected at the store. I told the customers that asked about this before about this service, and now they're at my store everyday. Thanks a lot!"

Dan K., 10/01/2010
Barista, New York

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