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MacOS - Installing OpenVPN (Viscosity)

Alternative Setups

Disclaimer: Installation and use of any software made by third party developers is at your own discretion and liability. We share our best practices with third party software but do not provide customer support for them.

Step 1: Download Viscosity

Download the Latest Viscosity install from here.

Important: Please note that Viscosity is a licensed program and will require a license fee after the trial period has expired.

Step 2: Open Install

Double Click the Viscosity ‘.dmg’ from your downloads folder to mount the image

Step 3: Application Folder

Drag the Viscosity Icon to the Applications Folder to install.

Step 4: Launch Application

Launch Viscosity from Your Applications Folder. If the application does not automatically Launch.

Step 5: Download Notice

If you get a notice that "Viscosity is an Application downloaded from the Internet" Click Open to confirm that you want to Open it.

Step 6: Complete Install

Viscosity will complete its install, if Prompted, click Install

Step 7: Admin Permission

Enter your computer Admin password to allow the Install to complete

Step 8: Update Auto Notice

Select ‘Check Automatically’ to allow the application it to Check for updates Automatically.

Step 9: Configuration Files

Download PIA Configuration Files here.

Step 10: Preferences

Locate the Viscosity icon in the Menu bar, and click Preferences

Step 11: Connections

On the Connections screen, press the +,

Step 12: Import Connections

Select Import Connection then From File

Step 13: OpenVPN Folder

If you highlight the OpenVPN Folder, and press Open, this will import all regions into Viscosity.

Step 14: Confirm Import

Viscosity will notify you that it was able to successfully import the connections. Press OK

Step 15: Connect

Using the Viscosity icon in the Menu bar, you can now select your desired region you wish to connect to.

Step 16: Login

Once you select a region you wish to connect to Viscosity will prompt you to enter your PIA credentials. Please enter your PIA “p” username (i.e., p1234567) and password.

Step 17: Verify Connection

After entering in your PIA account credentials Viscosity should auto connect you to the server you selected. To verify this, you can click the Viscosity icon where you should see a message at the top of the list of connections.