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MacOS - Installing the PIA App In Safe Mode


If you are unable to install the PIA App using the standard or alternative instructions, please use the detailed step by step guide below to perform the installation in safe mode.

Step 1: Download

If you have not already, download the PIA App installer from our download page here

*Note If the download page has not started downloading the installer file for you, click this link

Step 2: Reboot into Safe Mode

Select the system option to restart the computer, while the computer is restarting hold the Shift key until you see the MacOS loading screen.

If successful, the login screen will include text that indicates you have initiated a 'Safe Boot' in red text.

Step 3: Run Installer

Once the PIA installer has finished downloading, click the ^ up arrow and select Open (or double click) to run the .zip file to extract the Private Internet Access Installer

Step 4: Run Installation

Once the installer has been extracted, Go to your Downloads folder and double-click the Private Internet Access Installer to start the installation

Step 5: Security Confirmation

MacOS will then prompt you with a security confirmation to allow the installer to make changes to your system. Click Open

Step 6: Admin Privileges

Once you have given macOS permission to run the installer, it will then require you to confirm Admin privileges. Input your Apple Admin password here and click OK

Step 7: Restart into Standard Boot

Select the system option to restart the computer, then log in to the system normally once the reboot has been completed.

Step 8: Login to PIA

After the application has successfully installed, the app will open to the Quick Tour/Login window.

Select Login and enter your login credentials, that were provided to you via the email address used upon signing up (i.e. Username p1234567). Once logged in the application will save your PIA credentials in the application.

Note: If you have installed the application from the customized installer that was provided upon signing up for your account, your credentials will already be entered.

After logging in the DEFAULT DISPLAY will appear. This will be the primary window you use when interacting with the application day to day. In the image shown below, the power button shows yellow, meaning you are currently disconnected

*Note Find more info on where to find the tray icon and how to tell when you are connected/disconnected here.

Step 9: Connecting

Use the power button to establish a connection — it may take some time to establish the connection, this is normal.

*Note If you are unable to connect, please reference our connection issue article as your first troubleshooting step

Once the connection is established, the power button will turn green and the application will list your masked IP.

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin utilizing your safe and anonymous VPN connection. If you'd like to know more about the app's settings, please visit our knowledge base articles Understanding the PIA App's Basic Settings and Understanding the PIA App's Advanced Settings.

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First published: 22/08/2019

Last updated: Mar 17, 2021 by Kaneesha D