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Windows - Uninstalling the PIA Client with the In-App Uninstaller


Step 1: Disconnect

Ensure that you are disconnected from the VPN. You can do so by right-clicking the application icon in the system tray and select Disconnect or click the power button within the application menu.

The power button will turn yellow to indicate that you are disconnected from the VPN and the application icon will appear as a lock with a slash through it.

Step 2: Advanced Settings

Open the applications Advanced settings Window by right clicking the application icon in the system tray or select the (3)three Vertical dots located at the top right-hand side of the application menu.

Step 3: Settings

Select ‘Settings’ from within the drop down menu. From there the Settings Menu will pop up.

Step 4: Help Tab

Navigate to the ‘Help’ Tab within the Settings Menu

Step 5: Uninstall

Within this Tab navigate to the sub section “Maintenance” and select “Uninstall Private Internet Access” hyperlink.

Step 6: Finish

To complete the Uninstall process you will be prompted by Windows to proceed with the uninstall of the application. Select “Yes.”

You have now Uninstalled the application If you would like to reinstall the application please view our Installation Guide for windows here.

If you are experiencing issues with uninstall our application via the process above please review the Guide Windows- Uninstall the PIA App Manually as your first step of Troubleshooting. If the issue continues please contact our support here.

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First published: 11/01/2019

Last updated: Sep 24, 2020 by Travis H