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How do I cancel my subscription? - Knowledgebase / Account / Account Purchase/Cancellation/Reactivation - PIA Support Portal

How do I cancel my subscription?

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If you are wishing to cancel our account's automatic payments you can do so with your Client Control panel located on the My Account page here.  

Please know that the method for canceling your account differs depending on what payment method used to create your account.  

  • If you purchased service directly via a Credit Card, PayPal, Google, or Amazon, you can cancel your subscription directly within your CCP 

  • For all others, you can simply skip the payment email and your account will expire automatically. 

To cancel your accounts automatic payments with your CCP please follow the below instructions: 

  1. Log into your CCP here.  


  1. Once in the CCP, under Subscription Overview, you will see the option to “Turn Off Auto-Renewal”. 


  1. This will then open a new page asking for thoughts, opinions, and feedback. Once filled out select Complete Cancellation 


  1. You will then be brought back to your CCP, Where you will see that your account information has been updated to reflect your cancellation.  


Please know that when you cancel your PIA account, you are electing to stop your subscription’s automatic renewal. Stopping your subscription's automatic renewal will not fully terminate your account. The subscription will remain active through the time frame that you have already paid for. Your account will then fully terminate at the end of an 11 day grace period following the payment due date.  Customers can Stop and or Resume their accounts automatic renewal at any time by logging back into your Client Control Panel.