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Next Generation DNS Custom Configuration

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As part of our migration to our newer, faster, and more reliable next generation network, we have made changes to the functionality of our DNS servers. Functionality within the application, with our next generation servers, now uses private IPs in lieu of a public-facing DNS server. As we recommend users begin the process of migrating over to next gen, in an effort to improve your VPN experience, we recommend adding the following IPs, which provide functionality solely based on need: - DNS - DNS+Streaming - DNS+MACE - DNS+Streaming+Mace

In order to utilize these next generation DNS set-ups, you will need to add the following line to a custom configuration file:

dhcp-option DNS <IP Address> (ex: dhcp-option DNS

NOTE: These DNS options are not designed to be utilized in conjunction with the application and must be used while connected to the VPN. The PIA application is responsible for ensuring that these DNS IPs are assigned based on use-case and no changes within the application or on your system are necessary when you are using the application.