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Next Generation Network is here!

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We are proud to announce the release of our Next Generation Network of VPN Servers! These servers, better known as Gen4, possess an upgraded infrastructure that not only enhances the speed and reliability of the VPN servers, but offers enhanced security by making the servers verifiably zero-access as part of our don’t trust, verify plan. As we move from using 1G network cards to 10G network cards, we are committed to providing more reliable and faster speeds for our cherished VPN users. 

Connecting to Private Internet Access's Next Generation Network 

We currently offer our Next Generation Network on our Desktop Clients, Mobile applications,  and OpenVPN configurations. You can connect to any of the current 56 Gen4 server locations in your Desktop Client by entering your clients settings and navigating to the ‘Help’ tab, through your Mobile Device by directly entering your applications settings, or by download the OpenVPN configuration from the download page on our website

While navigating to the option to use the Next Generation Network, you may notice the ‘Include Geo-Located Regions’ option. Geo-Located Regions are VPN exit nodes that provide an IP address registered to a geo-located region but are hosted in a different physical location. We offer this option as a way to offer quality VPN exit nodes in regions where we were unable to source high quality VPN servers due to restrictions. As this option is separate from our Gen4 servers, you have the ability to toggle the display of these exit nodes by enabling the following option. These servers will be displayed with a globe next to them so they can be distinguished from the Gen4 servers. You can read more about our Geo-Located Regions here

As always, should you experience any issues with our Gen4 Servers or Geo-Located Regions option, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via live chat or through our ticketing system.