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Smart DNS - Chromebook

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How to Set Up PIA Smart DNS on Chromebook? 

Steps to take before changing the DNS settings on Chromebook 

  • Please be sure to record your current Chrome OS DNS settings prior to switching to our PIA Smart DNS addresses. Should you need to revert to your original settings, the previous settings will be required. If your DNS configurations are already set to ‘automatic’, reverting back to ‘automatic’ is all that is needed should a revert be necessary.   

  • You will first need to register your IP address if you wish to gain access to streaming services using PIA Smart DNS.  

  • In order to bypass geo-restrictions so that you are able to access the content you want, we recommend blocking Google DNS servers ( and at the router level. 

Changing DNS servers on Chromebook 

  1. The first step in changing the DNS is to access the Chromebook settings in one of two ways. 

  2. When on the Homepage of the Chrome OS device being used, there will be a menu icon at the top right of the screen that when clicked will lead you to the Settings. 

  3. You can also click the Settings cog found in the navigation tray.  

  4. Next, click on your internet connection. 

  5. You should then see a list of discoverable networks. Navigate the list of networks until you discover yours and click on it again. 

  6. Locate Network. 

  7. Once in the Network section, locate the Custom name servers option and check the box. 

  8. You can now enter the addresses for the SmartDNS Server generated from within the Client Control Panel

  9. After entering the DNS, close the settings menu and perform a reboot of the Chromebook 

Do you need assistance? For urgent support, contact PIA’s VPN Support Team.