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Understanding Advanced Settings on the Desktop PIA Client Part 2 - Knowledgebase / Technical / Application Settings and Features / Application & Features - PIA Support Portal

Understanding Advanced Settings on the Desktop PIA Client Part 2

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Port Forwarding  

In the image below, the Port Forwarding feature is enabled. The Port Forwarding option can be used to potentially optimize torrent performance. To use this feature, you must connect to a server on which port-forwarding is enabled. In the image below, in the IP widget, the message Not Available is displayed, indicating that port-forwarding is not available on this particular server. The next image will show how to identify servers that can use port forwarding.   




With the Port Forwarding feature turned on, expanding the VPN SERVER widget again will show a minor change. When Port Forwarding is enabled, servers that can be utilized for the feature will show in a brighter white text, while those that can not port-forward be grayed out and have an icon next to them indicating port forwarding is not available from that region.  




With Port Forwarding enabled, and a server that supports the feature selected, the application will display the forwarded port that has been assigned to your connection. You can then input this information into your torrent client, or any other implementation.  




Allow LAN  

In the following image Allow LAN is turned on. If your network is properly configured to facilitate LAN communication, turning on the Allow LAN feature will allow you to do so with the VPN connected.  




Debug Logging  

In the image below the Debug Logging feature is turned on. This feature is important if you find that you are experiencing problems. This will allow the application to collect connectivity and functionality logs. In the event you need to contact customer support, this can be helpful for the support team and they may request you provide them with the Client logs. Rest assured, these logs are not traffic logs, PIA does not monitor, restrict, or block web traffic, not on our servers and not on your system; the logs this feature generates are exclusively for troubleshooting purposes and contain no information which may identify a user upon submission.  




Light Theme  

The image below is a demonstration of the Light Theme feature. As you can see, this largely inverts the color scheme of the PIA Client. This feature is purely cosmetic.  




More Settings...  

In the following image More Settings… has been highlighted in the SETTINGS widget, additionally, the top-right menu has been expanded to show another way to access the same thing. This option opens the most extensive menu of the client, containing all the settings available in the EXPANDED DISPLAY as well as a few more advanced settings.  



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