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What/where is the PIA Tray Icon?

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When using our desktop application, you will see that our app has an easy-to-access tray icon in your System Tray (if you do not see this, be sure you have downloaded and installed the application properly). For Windows, the system tray will be in the bottom right corner. For Mac, this will be the Taskbar at the top of the desktop home screen. 

 This icon allows you to access the main application menu, connect/disconnect the 'power button', and the app's settings. This tray icon also provides a quick way to see if you are connected to the VPN. 

With the recent overhaul of our application (v1.0 and above), the tray icon has changed from our iconic Green Robot to a Lock icon. 

However, within our application settings, we do offer users the option to change the look of the tray icon to any of the following options: Light, Colored, and Classic. 

Note: Some options may not be available on all OSs. 

For all supported OS's the tray icon will appear as a lock or 'robot' (as some have come to call it) depending on the style you have selected when disconnected, connecting, or connected. 


Light Icon Style = Gray Lock with a slash 


Colored Icon Style = Red Lock with a slash 


Classic Icon Style = Red Robot with an 'x' 



Light Icon Style = White Lock with arrowed circle 


Colored Icon Style = Yellow Lock with an arrowed circle 


Classic Icon Style = Yellow Robot with an arrowed circle 



Light Icon Style = White Lock with a green dot 


 Colored Icon Style = Green Lock with a green dot 


 Classic Icon Style = Green Robot with a green checkmark


 While the tray icon does indicate that you are connected to the VPN, you can confirm that the app is masking your IP by visiting our homepage; a dynamic message will appear at the top of the page to indicate whether you are protected (green) or not (red).