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Starting the PIA Client in Safe Mode - Knowledgebase / Technical / Troubleshooting / Install Error - PIA Support Portal

Starting the PIA Client in Safe Mode

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In rare cases, users may experience graphics-related issues with the application, such as distorted text, a loadlibrary error, or any error in which you are unable to load the GUI. These issues  may be resolvable, on Windows, by opening the application from the command line with Accelerated Graphics disabled within the application, by using the following command in the command line:  

start pia-client.exe --safe-mode

The path in which the command is run, is important, and you can see this path in the screenshot below:


 If the command is entered successfully, you will receive no output, but the application should open shortly. If you are able to access the GUI and the issue has been resolved, you will notice in the settings that there is a checkmark next to Disable Accelerated Graphics 


 If the issue you are experiencing persists, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our 24/7 chat support or by submitting a ticket, here