Get a Chromecast VPN and Stream Your Favorite Shows Without Interruption

PIA VPN gives you the best toolkit to watch Chromecast without restrictions.

  • Encrypt your traffic to avoid ISP throttling
  • Change your virtual location using Smart DNS
  • Stop Chromecast from leaking your personal data
Stream Your Favorite Shows Without Interruption Using a Chromecast VPN

Access Chromecast Anytime with PIA VPN

Chromecast vulnerabilities have exposed user data in the past, and could again. Also, streaming on Chromecast devours bandwidth, which can result in ISP throttling. Use PIA to secure your data and bypass throttling.

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PIA Smart DNS for Chromecast

PIA Smart DNS for Chromecast

Smart DNS is a “VPN-lite” for streaming. It gives you a new virtual location without slowing down your connection with encryption like a regular VPN. Chromecast doesn’t support smart DNS, but it’s easy to set up on your router instead.

Use PIA VPN with Chromecast in 3 Steps

Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPNs but don’t worry — that won’t stop you from protecting your data. Install PIA VPN on your router in 3 easy steps and protect any connected device, including your Chromecast.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA on your router

Step 3

Choose a server & start casting

PIA’s Top Chromecast TV VPN Features

No Logs Policy
No Data Caps
Secure VPN Protocols
Tough Protocols
Open Source Transparency
24/7 Customer Support

Select Your Virtual Location

YouTube and TikTok only show you viral videos from your area. PIA VPN lets you change your virtual location to anywhere in the world so you can watch the latest trending clips. Stay connected to your favorite shows and channels — even while traveling.

Watch Chromecast on Any Device

Download the PIA app for your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android device. Alternatively, install our VPN on your router to protect any connected device. Each PIA account works on unlimited devices simultaneously.


How to Watch Chromecast with PIA VPN on Your Router

Chromecast doesn't natively support VPNs. You can install PIA on your router to automatically protect your Chromecast and other devices on your network. Better yet, your router only counts as one device on your subscription.

Step 2

Make sure you have a compatible router, we recommend a Flashrouter

Step 3

For Flashrouters, use the instructions on the router

Step 4

For other routers, follow our installation guides

What Channels are Supported by Chromecast?

What Channels are Supported by Chromecast?

Chromecast comes with apps for most major streaming services including Netflix, YouTube TV, Disney+, and more. It also includes apps for music, photos, videos, sports, and games.

Use PIA VPN to securely access your streaming accounts from anywhere.

Chromecast vs Roku — Which is the Better Option?

Both Roku and Chromecast let you stream your favorite shows and movies. Roku has built-in apps you access directly on the TV, while Chromecast mirrors anything that’s on your device screen. Both work with VPNs, but Chromecast is the most versatile.

Chromecast vs Roku — Which is the Better Option?

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Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPNs, but you can install PIA on your router. That way you can use the VPN on your Chromecast. Your PIA subscription comes with access to our Smart DNS, a streamlined version of the VPN with only the tools you need for streaming. Smart DNS doesn’t redirect or encrypt your data, giving you the best streaming speeds.

Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPNs, so you can’t install the app directly to the device as you would with a smartphone. Instead, you’ll need to install PIA VPN on your router.

Once you’ve done that, any connected device is protected, including your casting device. As a bonus, your router only counts as 1 of unlimited devices on your account, no matter how many other devices you connect to it.

Yes, but you can avoid having your traffic monitored with a VPN. Install PIA on your router to get VPN encryption on every device and hide your IP address. Encrypted data is unreadable to third parties, and with a new IP address, they won’t know your location. This way, you’ll get complete anonymity while you cast your favorite shows.

No, not if you use the smart DNS option. This is a version of the VPN that doesn’t encrypt or redirect your data, so it doesn't affect your connection speed in any way.

Our full VPN app also gives you lightning-fast speeds. Our 10 Gbps NextGen VPN server network is so fast, you won't even notice you're using a VPN.

Some work with Chromecast, but they're not a good idea. Most free VPNs won’t let you install their app on routers. Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPNs, so you’ll be out of luck.

Free VPNs often don’t have the security features you need, like a strict No Logs policy. They’ll often run slow and usually offer limited server locations.

PIA VPN lets you install the app to your router to use on Chromecast. We have a strict No Logs policy to protect your data, and an international network of blazing-fast servers.

Take us for a test drive with our risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

First, launch Netflix on your desktop or mobile device and pick the show you want to watch. Then, look for the square Cast icon in the corner. Tap the icon and start watching your show on your TV. Make sure your PIA app is enabled to protect your Chromecast and avoid ISP throttling. PIA also lets you unblock Netflix on your school or workplace network.

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