Protect Your Entire Network With a VPN for Router

Set up PIA on your router to secure every device in your home at once.

  • Secure all your tech — even if it’s not VPN-compatible
  • Connect unlimited devices to your VPN router
  • Set up PIA once rather than on each device
VPN router

Protection For All Your Devices


What Is a VPN Router?

A VPN router lets you configure a VPN on your entire home or office network. This protects any connected device — even devices that aren’t compatible with VPNs such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and IoT devices.

What is a VPN router
Benefits of a VPN router

5 Benefits of Using a VPN Router

Installing PIA on your router protects your connection at source.

  • Enjoy 24/7 VPN protection on every device in your household
  • Control PIA with an easy-to-use app, or simply set and forget
  • Connect every device in your home using only 1 of your unlimited device connections
  • Secure consoles, IoT devices, and other tech without VPN support
  • Stop all data leaks with a network-wide Kill Switch

Get Started with a VPN Router in 3 Steps

Using a VPN router is easy. Simply follow the 3 steps below to get set up, then connect to one of our secure servers in 91 countries to change your virtual location to anywhere in the world.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Buy a VPN-compatible router

Step 3

Install PIA & connect to a server

How to Install PIA VPN on Your Router

Installing PIA VPN on your router is probably easier than you think. The process differs slightly depending on which router you’re using. Follow the steps below to secure your entire network at source with PIA VPN.

Step 2

Check your router works with VPNs

Step 3

Set up PIA on your router using our installation guides

Step 4

Connect to a server and enjoy protection on every device

Get a Router with a VPN App Pre-Installed

If you don’t want to mess around with setting up a VPN on your router, you can buy a FlashRouter with PIA pre-installed. FlashRouters require almost zero setup, simply plug it in, log in using your PIA credentials, and connect!

VPN router app
Split tunneling illustration

PIA Split Tunneling for Ultimate Control

Split tunneling lets you bypass PIA VPN on one or more devices. This means you can unblock viral TikToks on your Android TV while ordering UberEats on your phone without having to disconnect your VPN.

Why You Need to Avoid ISP Routers

ISP routers are convenient. — especially since they come in almost every network package. However, your ISP uses them to monitor your browsing history and it makes them incompatible with VPNs. To avoid ISP snooping and throttling, you need a VPN.

Why You Need to Avoid ISP Routers


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Yes, because setting up a VPN on your router protects your whole network and stops anyone from snooping on your connection, whatever device you’re using.

Even devices that don’t normally support VPNs will benefit from military-grade VPN encryption, secure VPN protocols, and a 100% effective Kill Switch. Putting a VPN on your router also stops your ISP intentionally slowing down your traffic when you connect to streaming services, because it can’t see what you’re doing online.

Yes, PIA allows split tunneling on routers. This lets you personalize your connection and choose which devices should continue to use your default IP address and which ones can use the VPN. That means you can have the best of both worlds, and never need to disconnect your VPN to access local sites and services.

If you have a VPN-compatible router, start by subscribing to PIA. Then, depending on your router model, you’ll need to follow our detailed installation guide. Once you’re finished, connect to a server and enjoy our VPN protection and blazing-fast connection speeds on every device on your network.

Alternatively, you can buy a FlashRouter with PIA pre-installed. Just plug it in, enter your PIA credentials, and connect to a server.

No, PIA works on many store-bought routers, but it won’t work on the router your ISP provides. A FlashRouter is the easiest option as it comes with PIA already installed on it, so you don’t have to set it up yourself.

If setting up a VPN router seems like too much hassle, you can just download PIA VPN apps on your individual devices instead.

Yes, PIA works with most retail routers, including ASUSWRT and MERLIN, and DD-WRT. Unfortunately, your ISP router won’t work with PIA because ISPs block VPN installation to retain control over your network.

The quickest and easiest way to protect your networks is to get a FlashRouter with PIA already pre-installed. Just plug it in, log in to PIA, and connect to a server to automatically secure every device on your network.

Purchase a FlashRouter directly from their website and use the code PIA20 for 20% off.

Yes, FlashRouters have VPNs built-in. If you don’t have one, we recommend getting one of their VPN routers with PIA pre-installed — especially if you’ve never flashed a router yourself before.

If you need any help using PIA on your router, reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team for expert help.

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