Enjoy Full Anonymity Online With A Dedicated IP VPN

Get your own unique IP address without sacrificing any of your privacy or security.

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What Is A Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP is a unique IP address that can only be used by one person.
Most of the time when you use a VPN, the IP address you are assigned comes from a shared server that other users can also access. But a Dedicated IP address comes with its own designated server that only you can connect to.

Enjoy All The Benefits Of A Fully Anonymous Dedicated IP

Work From Home Safely

Get secure remote access to networks and resources when you work from home. With Dedicated IP, your data transfers are protected with the strongest possible encryption.

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easilly access all acounts

Easily Access Your Accounts

When services like banks, online shops, or online trading platforms notice you connecting from multiple IP addresses, they might limit or block your account. With a Dedicated IP, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

See Fewer CAPTCHAs

When you constantly use the same IP address, protection systems are less likely to think you’re a bot and treat you accordingly. This means that you’ll spend less time filling out CAPTCHAs and more time browsing smoothly.

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IoT device protection

Protect Your IoT Devices

The last thing you want is a stranger keeping tabs on you. If you use home security cameras, smart doorbells, or other IoT devices, you can restrict their live feeds to your Dedicated IP so they’re for your eyes only.

How To Get Your Dedicated IP From PIA VPN

Step 1

Choose your VPN plan and add Dedicated IP at checkout.

Step 2

Redeem your unique token directly on PIA’s dashboard.

Step 3

Validate your token within the PIA VPN app and you’re ready to go!

The Best Servers For Your Dedicated IP

Choose to host your Dedicated IP in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, or Germany

  • Next-gen servers with lightning-fast speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth so we never throttle speeds
  • No logging whatsoever
  • 100% privacy and anonymity
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Is Dedicated IP Right For Me?

Dedicated, static IPs:

  • Used exclusively by you
  • The same each time you connect
  • Access IP-restricted networks

Shared, dynamic IPs

  • Shared with other VPN users
  • Random each time you connect
  • Can’t access IP-restricted networks

Choose The Plan That's Right For You  

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$9.95 per month

1 Year


$119.40 $39.95 per year

All amounts are shown in USD, and any discounts reflect a reduction based on the current monthly service pricing at $9.95 per month.

undefined All Plans Are Covered By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Want To Know More?

By using a Dedicated IP instead of a shared, dynamic IP address, your IP address will be the same each time you connect to the VPN. Having a Designated IP also allows you to access IP-restricted networks. For example, if you work from home and need a static IP address in order to remotely connect to your work network, a Dedicated IP is the perfect solution. Because a Designated IP comes with its own private server, you’ll enjoy even faster connection speeds and no network congestion whatsoever. You may also find that by using a Dedicated IP, you encounter less CAPTCHAs while browsing the internet because your IP address isn’t shifting.

No. Thanks to PIA’s unique token-based mechanism, you will receive a token for a Dedicated IP when you add the Dedicated IP service at checkout. Then, it is up to you to redeem your token and select a Designated IP server. PIA has no way of knowing which Designated IP address corresponds to a user — thus keeping your anonymity perfectly intact.

First, you need to purchase a Private Internet Access VPN subscription. Just select the plan that's right for you and select the Dedicated IP add-on when completing your order at checkout. Then, once you've activated your account, you can redeem and validate your unique token directly on PIA’s dashboard and you’re all set.

You can get a Dedicated IP address for only an additional $5/month on top of your Private Internet Access VPN subscription.

Yes. Your Dedicated IP comes with an additional private server that only you can connect to, but you still have access to our global network of servers in 78 countries around the world. It is simple and easy to switch between your unique Dedicated IP server and PIA shared servers.

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Disclaimer: Per our Terms and Conditions, using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is not encouraged.