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Our anonymous token-based system gives you a static IP address and keeps your identity private.

  • Avoid blocklists and retain access to remote databases
  • Access IP-sensitive websites without a hitch
  • Avoid CAPTCHAs and save time
Get the Best Dedicated IP VPN for Seamless Connections

Exclusive IP ownership

Strict 100% no-logs policy

Easier account access


How to Get Your Exclusive Dedicated IP

Step 1

Choose a VPN plan and select the Dedicated IP add-on.

Step 2

Select an IP location after purchase .

Step 3

Validate your token inside the VPN app.

Select a VPN Plan & Claim Your Dedicated IP

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What Is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is a VPN feature that lets you keep the same IP address no matter where you are.

Normally, your VPN will change your IP address every time you connect to a new server. Your device then shares the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to with the sites you use. In contrast, a dedicated IP address is unique and stays static – you’re the only person who can use it.

A dedicated IP address can help you avoid disruptive CAPTCHAs, and stay connected to remote databases and IP-sensitive e-services like your bank account. It can also help you avoid potential IP bans caused by other VPN users, as well as frustration with services that block known VPN IP addresses.

Get PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP add-on to use the same IP address on as many devices as you want.

Get a Dedicated IP Address for All Your Devices

How Does PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP Work?

PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP feature works by masking your IP address with one from our list of Dedicated IP server locations. It differs from our regular shared IPs in that it’s exclusively yours.

Most dedicated IP addresses are linked to your email address, which means it can be traced back to you.

PIA VPN is different. We use a token-based system to issue your Dedicated IP. You essentially generate an anonymous key on our website and copy it into your app. The app then translates the key into a unique IP address. That way, no one can trace the IP address back to your VPN account – not even us.

Better still, you can choose a dedicated IP address from a wide range of countries, including Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, the US, and the UK.

Enjoy All the Benefits of a Dedicated IP

Bypass CAPTCHAs and
Save Time

VPN IP addresses are often shared between many users. Websites and browsers sometimes flag shared IPs as suspicious, which can trigger CAPTCHA requests.

While CAPTCHAs are a good thing for security, selecting squares containing bicycles for the third time in a row can be frustrating at best.

Get PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP to stop wasting your time filling out CAPTCHA requests.

Bypass CAPTCHAs and Save Time
Connect to Your Bank Account Seamlessly

Connect to Your Bank
Account Seamlessly

Sometimes a VPN’s shared IP address can trigger your bank's security warnings, which can get you blocked from your account. You may run into the same issue on gaming and trading sites.

Sign up for PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP to keep your IP address static and access your accounts from anywhere in the world without being blocked. You can also rely on fast and secure VPN protocols to keep your connection speeds up and your information private.

Access Remote Business Servers without a Hitch

Your work may add your IP address to an allowlist so you can access their database remotely. Even without a VPN, your IP address will change every time you connect, which may get you blocked from your work server.

Use PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP add-on to protect your privacy with a static IP address and retain access to important work resources no matter where you are. You can also trust our powerful VPN encryption to keep prying eyes off your activity.

Access Remote Business Servers without a Hitch
Avoid Blocklisting

Avoid Blocklisting

Sharing IP addresses can sometimes get you blocked from a website. Someone may have misused the IP address before, resulting in the website blocking that IP address.

You can usually unblock a website by connecting to a different VPN server, but a dedicated IP address is a great way to avoid getting a blocklisted IP address altogether. That way, you have control over how it’s used because it’s yours and yours alone.

The Best Servers for Your Dedicated IP

Choose a dedicated IP address from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, or Germany.

  • RAM-only servers optimized for 10-Gbps speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth & zero speed throttling
  • Strict no-logs policy
dedicated ip vpn
Get a Dedicated IP Address for All Your Devices

Get a Dedicated IP Address for All Your Devices

A dedicated IP address on your work laptop is a great starting point, but what about your phone, tablet, and other devices?

Sign up for PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP add-on and get the same IP address across all your devices, no matter where you are in the world.

One subscription gives you unlimited device connections. Download our native VPN for Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android and connect quickly using your dedicated IP address.

Have any questions about advanced features like split tunneling or our kill switch? Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team to chat with a VPN expert via live chat.

Is a Dedicated IP Right for Me?

Dedicated, static IPs:

  • Used exclusively by you
  • Same IP address every time
  • Unlikely to trigger security warnings

Shared, dynamic IPs

  • Shared with other VPN users
  • Random IP address every time
  • Likely to trigger security warnings


A dedicated IP address gives you all the benefits of using a VPN, plus a little more stability and usability, since that IP address will be exclusive to you. Like a shared IP address, a dedicated IP connects you to a VPN server that conceals your internet traffic data, protects your digital privacy, and bypasses network blocks. Your IP address remains the same each time you connect to the VPN, resulting in fewer interruptions. You’ll encounter less CAPTCHAs, and you’ll be less likely to trigger security warnings or account restrictions since your IP address isn’t constantly changing — something that certain online services like gaming or gambling platforms might suspect is a security threat.

Some do, but PIA's does not! With PIA’s unique and fully anonymous token-based mechanism, there's no way of knowing which Dedicated IP address corresponds to a particular user. You will receive a token for a Dedicated IP address when you add the Dedicated IP option at checkout, and then it is up to you to redeem your token and select a Dedicated IP server (which is never linked to your user account).

First, purchase a Private Internet Access VPN subscription (select your plan here). Then, select the Dedicated IP add-on when completing your order at checkout. Once you've activated your PIA account, you can redeem and validate your unique token directly on PIA’s dashboard.

You can get a Dedicated IP address for only an additional $5/month on top of your Private Internet Access VPN subscription.

Yes! Your Dedicated IP is an exclusive IP address that only you can use, but you still have access to our global network of VPN servers in 91 countries around the world. It’s simple and easy to quickly switch between your exclusive, Dedicated IP address and a shared, dynamic IP address.

When choosing a dedicated IP address, it’s important to note most dedicated IPs are usually linked to your VPN account, which means it’s traceable back to you.

For a more private option, choose PIA VPN’s Dedicated IP add-on. Unlike most VPN services, we use a token-based system to issue your dedicated IP address, so no one can link it back to your account — not even us. Our court-proven No Logs policy ensures we’ll never track or store any of your activity or data.

A dedicated IP address can sometimes be faster than a shared IP, but not always. A VPN with a small and congested server network may offer faster speeds with a dedicated IP address hosted on a separate server. With PIA VPN, you get the same fast VPN speeds whether you use our Dedicated IP add-on feature or shared IP addresses. We have a global server network of NextGen 10-Gbps servers that can handle everything you throw at them.

A dedicated IP address is less secure than a dynamic IP address. It’s unique to your device and because it stays the same, cybercriminals could target you if they found your IP address. In contrast, when you use a shared IP address, it changes every time you connect, meaning it’s easier for you to “blend into the crowd” and hide from cyberattacks.

That said, PIA VPN is different. We use an anonymous token-based system to provide your Dedicated IP address, making it difficult for anyone to trace your IP address back to your VPN account. Whether you opt for our shared IPs or Dedicated IP add-on, your traffic is routed through a secure tunnel and subject to our strict No Logs policy, so no one can see what you’re up to. We use military-grade VPN encryption to keep all prying eyes off your traffic.

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