Get The #1 VPN For Gaming: Fast, Secure & Reliable

Private Internet Access gives you speed, security, and freedom while gaming. Configure PIA's VPN on your gaming consoles and other devices and enjoy: 

  • Lightning-fast speeds
  • Unblocked games & content
  • Protection from cyberattacks
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High-Speed, Lag-Free Gaming

Most internet service providers (ISPs) throttle connection speeds if they see you connecting to a gaming-related website or app. But a VPN encrypts your traffic, meaning your ISP is unable to see where you're connecting, making them much less likely to throttle your connection speeds.    

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Change Your Location, Game Across Borders

Change your virtual location to access geo-locked games, features, or in-game content — or change your location to take advantage of cheaper prices somewhere else in the world. With servers in 84 countries, our VPN makes it simple to game across borders. 

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Protect Against DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a common tactic used by gamers to overwhelm an opponent's network, slowing them down and freezing them out of a game. PIA's VPN protects against DDoS attacks by giving you a new IP address and receiving the brunt of the attack with our state-of-the-art NextGen server infrastructure.

Get A Dedicated IP Address

Get a unique IP address that only you can use. This is great if you want all the benefits of a VPN — like accessing restricted content and hiding online activity — but with fewer CAPTCHAs and more stability when doing things like online gaming. 

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Simultaneous Access On 10 Devices

One PIA VPN subscription covers 10 devices, so you can stay protected wherever you are.

Unlimited Gaming In Seconds

Get the PIA plan that’s right for you, then follow these simple steps:

Open PIA

Step 1

Open the PIA app

Choose Server

Step 2

Connect to any server

Connect to country

Step 3

Enjoy fast, unrestricted gaming

Smart DNS Settings For Gaming Consoles

With Smart DNS, you can change your virtual location directly on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Follow our simple Smart DNS setup instructions to use PIA VPN on your gaming consoles. 

Benefits Of Gaming With PIA VPN

PIA VPN enhances your gaming experience by acting as a buffer between your device and the games and servers you connect to. 

  • An extra layer of protection
  • Internet traffic is encrypted
  • No DDoS risk
  • IP address is hidden
  • Choose server location
  • No geographic restrictions
  • No extra protection
  • Internet traffic is visible
  • Possible DDoS attack
  • IP address is visible
  • Physical location only
  • Content may be blocked or censored
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Choose The Plan That's Right For You

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, and there are several reasons why: First, they overcome most throttling by your internet service provider (ISP), making your connection speeds faster. Second, they protect against DDoS and other cyber attacks that can damage and threaten your network. Third, they allow you to change your virtual location to access geo-restricted gaming content. And fourth, they're great for privacy — you don't need your ISP or network admin knowing what websites you're connecting to, and you don't need the websites you're connecting to knowing your physical location.

Sometimes your ISP will throttle your connection speeds due to excessive streaming or gaming. But by filtering your data through PIA’s VPN servers, your data is securely encrypted and concealed from ISPs or network administrators. This means that when you game, your ISP cannot detect what you’re doing online, and therefore they won’t throttle your connection speeds. 

Yes! Private Internet Access is one of the fastest VPNs on the planet, thanks to our NextGen server architecture — and with 84 countries in our network, we're able to let you access tons of geo-restricted content, gaming or otherwise. And, with our Smart DNS, you can configure a proxy connection for your gaming consoles (like Xbox and PlayStation) to change your virtual location directly on your device.

With 10+ years of expertise leading the VPN industry, Private Internet Access has become one of the best-reviewed and highest-rated VPN services in existence. Our VPN service is incredibly reliable, we have an expert-level support team standing by 24/7, and our 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try PIA VPN with complete peace of mind. We believe trust is such an important consideration when choosing a VPN provider, that’s why all of PIA’s VPN apps are 100% open-source – we've really got nothing to hide! And we only use the best open-source VPN protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN. Some other VPN companies claim that USA VPNs are ‘compromised’ because of a secret link to the NSA or some other government boogeyman, but of course this is nonsense. We have a strict no-usage-logs policy that has been tested and proven true (multiple times) in court – we're 100% focused on preserving and protecting our users’ privacy. It’s because we’re a US-based company that we are guaranteed constitutional protections from government overreach. We are proud to be based in the United States – it allows us the liberty we need to fight for the world’s right to digital privacy and online freedom. 

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA Risk Free

Our 30-day money-back guarantee offers you 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

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Disclaimer: Using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.


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