PIA VPN Chrome Extension — Get Unbeatable In-Browser Protection

Put your browser on security detail with PIA’s advanced Chrome VPN extension.

  • Browse without borders using our global server network
  • Cut out ads, disable trackers, and block WebRTC detection
  • Protect your webcam and microphone from unauthorized access

*Requires Chrome v48 or Newer

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Protection For All Your Devices


Surf in Privacy with PIA’s Chrome VPN Extension

Third parties track everything you do online, and Google is no exception.

Their business runs on your data, and their Chrome browser allows trackers and other cookies by default, compromising your privacy before you even get started. You can enable some security features in Chrome’s settings, but they fall short of any meaningful privacy. Websites can access your autofill data, location, or webcam far too easily.

For real privacy in your browser you need a VPN extension for Chrome.

Set Up PIA VPN for Chrome in 3 Steps

Installing PIA’s Chrome extension is a piece of cake. In 3 simple steps, you’ll get ultimate Chrome protection. Enjoy cutting-edge security, more anonymity, and total peace of mind online.

Step 1

Sign up for Private Internet Access

Step 2

Set up PIA

Step 3

Choose a server & start browsing Chrome

PIA’s Top Chrome VPN Extension Features

No logs policy

Webcam Blocking

Prevent unauthorized webcam and microphone access to ensure personal privacy

vpn encryption

Anti-Tracking Tools

Block tracking scripts, cookies, and URLs to keep your browsing habits private

easy to use vpn

Block Location Access

Stop Chrome websites from accessing and sharing your location data

unlimited bandwidth vpn

Ad Blocking

Cut annoying ads out of your life and hide your data from advertisers with PIA MACE

open source vpn

WebRTC Protection

Shield your public and private IP addresses with WebRTC blocking

easy to use vpn

Force HTTPS Encryption

Convert supported websites from exposed connections to HTTPS encryption

Get Device-Wide VPN Protection

Protecting your Chrome browser is great, but for maximum security, you need our full VPN app. PIA protects your entire device with unbreakable encryption, advanced security features, and access to servers in 91 countries — at no extra cost.

Select Your Virtual Location

PIA VPN for Chrome vs. Free VPN for Chrome

Free VPN extensions may seem like a good deal, but nothing is ever truly free. Free VPNs usually track your browsing data and sell it to advertisers. Download PIA for Chrome to get ultimate privacy and safety online.

PIA VPN for Chrome

  • Includes full VPN app
  • No Logs policy
  • Server locations worldwide
  • Block ads
  • Blocks trackers and malware
  • WebRTC protection
  • Optimized for fast connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Free VPN for Chrome

  • Only works in Chrome
  • May sell your data
  • Limited server locations
  • Ad-supported
  • May contain malware
  • IP may be exposed
  • Slow, unreliable connections
  • Limited data transfer
  • No support

Why Choose PIA Chrome VPN

No logs policy


PIA hides your IP address and encrypts your data to protect every aspect of your digital identity.

vpn encryption

VPN Expertise

We’ve spent 10+ years developing a world-class VPN with cutting-edge security features.

easy to use vpn

100% Transparency

Our VPN apps are 100% open-source so you can see for yourself we have nothing to hide.

unlimited bandwidth vpn


We use 10 Gbps connectors and lightning-fast protocols for consistently fast and stable connections.

open source vpn


One PIA account gives you unlimited simultaneous device connections to secure your digital life.

easy to use vpn

24/7 Customer Support

Our VPN experts are available 24/7 via on-page chat or email to resolve all your PIA-related issues.

When Should I use the Chrome VPN Extension Versus the VPN app?

When you’re surfing the web or streaming, use the Chrome Extension. It blocks unwanted trackers and ads while giving you a streamlined connection. When privacy really matters, and especially when you’re using multiple apps, you’ll need the full VPN.

Select Your Virtual Location
Open-source VPN protocols

Isn’t Chrome’s Incognito Mode Enough?

Chrome’s incognito mode doesn’t offer much protection at all. It only clears cookies and trackers, and stops the browser from recording new ones. It doesn’t stop third parties from seeing your data. Only a VPN keeps your information really private.


Choose The Plan That's Right For You

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1 Month


$11.95 per month

1 Year


$143.40 $39.95 per year

All amounts are shown in USD, and any discounts reflect a reduction based on the current monthly service pricing at $11.95 per month.


Every app and website collects data on its users, often without you knowing. Most browsers aren’t designed to protect your digital identity. They may have a few advanced settings, but they won’t protect your IP address, location data, or webcam, and they won’t stop malware in its tracks.

To take full control of your privacy, you’ll need PIA VPN's Chrome extension. PIA is like a bouncer for your browser, protecting your data from trackers, advertisers, cybercrooks, and snoops.

You’ll find lots of browser extensions available, but most are little more than proxies with hardly any security features. When you add PIA to Chrome you’ll get to block trackers, secure your webcam, and automatically switch to HTTPS encryption.

PIA brings 10+ years of experience to our Chrome app, with a comprehensive suite of security features such as WebRTC, UTM, and FBCLID blocking. Subscribe to our Chrome extension and you get full access to our VPN app, so you can protect any device, anywhere.

Setting up the extension is easy. Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Private Internet Access, and click Add to Chrome. Click on the extension icon, sign in, click the connect button, and you’re good to go. If you have questions about setup, reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team.

No, so you’ll need to use a third-party extension to get browsing protection.

Subscribe to PIA VPN and download our Chrome extension to block trackers, cookies, and unwanted ads. This way you can surf the web and stream your favorite shows without worrying about who’s accessing your data.

The PIA Chrome extension is a great start to protecting your digital identity, but it doesn’t have all the features you need for complete protection.

The PIA app doesn’t just work in Chrome, it protects your whole device and comes with a ton of advanced features to keep your info safe. This includes an advanced Kill Switch, multi-hop obfuscation, and unlimited access to our worldwide server network.

Subscribe to PIA VPN to get the main VPN app and the browser extension. Use both at no extra cost.

When you use a VPN you’re routing your data through more servers, so it’s possible your speeds will slow down. We’ve built an advanced NextGen server network to reduce connection slowdowns. Our 10 Gbps connectors will give you the best speeds possible. If your connection slows down when you connect to PIA, you most likely won’t even notice.

It’s quick and easy to set up a VPN extension on Google Chrome. First, buy VPN service from PIA. Second, head to the Chrome Web Store, search for Private Internet Access and download it. Then, click the extensions button next to the address bar (the one that looks like a puzzle piece) and sign in. After this, select a server and you’ll instantly connect. There’s nothing else to it. Complete the whole process in a few minutes and protect your sensitive data every time you go online.

There’s two options: use a browser extension or a full VPN for PC or other device. Either way, first sign up to PIA. To install our browser extension, search the Chrome Web Store for Private Internet Access and download the extension. Then click the puzzle piece button next to the address bar and sign in to PIA. Select a server, and you’ll connect straight away.

Our full VPN app protects your entire device, including your Chrome browser. Simply download the app from our website, install it, sign in, and click to connect.

Click the extensions button to the right of the address bar, open PIA, and turn it off. To make things easier, you can pin the PIA extension next to the address bar for even speedier activation and deactivation. When you need protection again, reactivate our VPN service to instantly protect your browsing data with advanced privacy settings including our proven No Logs policy.

When you establish a connection successfully, the PIA icon turns green and updates to include the flag of the country you’re connected to. Another way to verify your VPN extension works is to use our What’s my IP Address page. The page will clearly show you if your VPN connection is working.

In short: no. Free VPNs often have issues with speed, security, and server choice. Also, a lot of free VPNs aren’t actually free — they monitor, save, and then sell your data. You pay with your private information instead of your money.

PIA’s 10 Gbps servers deliver blazing-fast speeds with uncapped bandwidth use. Protect your privacy with our tried and court-tested No Logs policy, which promises we never monitor, save, or sell your browsing data. You only need one PIA subscription to use our full VPN app and our browser extensions. Try PIA risk free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Still Not Convinced? Try PIA's Risk-Free Trial

Our 30-day money-back guarantee offers you 100% satisfaction or your money back.

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Disclaimer: Using PIA VPN for illegal purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.


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