Get a Streaming Upgrade with a Smart TV VPN

Take control of your on-demand viewing with a VPN for your Smart TV.

  • Change your virtual location directly on your Smart TV
  • Install Smart DNS in a few minutes — no tech knowledge needed
  • Enjoy seamless streaming in FHD and UHD with no buffering
Get a Streaming Upgrade with the #1 Smart TV VPN

Protection For All Your Devices


High-Speed Streaming on Your Smart TV

Change your virtual location straight from your Smart TV with Smart DNS from PIA. Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt or reroute your data, so your connection speeds won’t be affected at all. Watch Smart TV content your way.

High-Speed Streaming on Your Smart TV

Select Your Virtual Location

Streaming services have different libraries in different countries. This can be a real pain when you’re working or traveling abroad. PIA lets you change your virtual location and take your streaming accounts with you.

How to Set Up PIA VPN Smart DNS

Setting up PIA VPN on your smart device is a piece of cake.
Follow the 3 simple steps below to change your Smart TV’s virtual location, and access viral videos from around the world.

Step 1

Select your device from the list

Step 2

Choose your server location

Step 3

Get your Smart DNS IP address

Smart DNS Settings for Smart TVs & Other Devices

PIA’s Smart DNS is a lightweight VPN alternative for Smart TVs and other devices incompatible with VPN apps. Smart DNS changes your virtual location on a wide range of devices including Samsung, LG, and Apple Smart TVs.

Complete Protection on All Devices

Subscribe to PIA to get access to Smart DNS and our full VPN app. Install PIA on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, or set it up on your router. Connect unlimited devices with every subscription.


Fast Speeds & Unlimited Bandawidth

PIA’s global server network consistently delivers speeds well above the 15 Mbps Netflix recommends for 4K streaming. We also give you unlimited bandwidth and data, no matter how much you use our VPN. Enjoy buffer-free movies every night with PIA.

Fast Speeds & Unlimited Bandawidth
Cutting-Edge Security Features

Cutting-Edge Security Features

Get military-grade encryption to protect your data. Enable multi-hop to hide your VPN use from DPI. Use our advanced kill switch to stop VPN data leaks, even if the VPN is switched off. Stay protected with the most configurable VPN on the planet.

100% Open Source VPN

If you’re trusting a VPN app with your security, choose a VPN with nothing to hide. PIA VPN apps are 100% open source with publicly available source code you can inspect at any time. Our VPN uses the best open-source protocols, WireGuard® and OpenVPN.

100% Open Source VPN

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Yes! Smart TVs aren’t compatible with regular VPN apps, so the best way to get a VPN for your Smart TV is with our Smart DNS feature. Smart DNS is a lightweight VPN alternative that lets you change your virtual location directly from your Smart TV.

It’s easy to set up, with no other devices or technical knowledge required. Subscribe to PIA VPN to get started.

Absolutely! PIA works with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Chromecast, and many other smart devices. Smart DNS configuration is a breeze, but if you have questions, reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team via on-page chat or email.

Yes, Smart DNS from PIA works with all your smart TV streaming apps and services, so you'll never miss your favorite show because of our VPN. So long as you have an active subscription, you can watch whatever and whenever you want.

Set up Smart DNS on your Smart TV and you can even take your streaming accounts with you while working, studying, or traveling abroad.

Any streaming service you use! PIA VPN works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more. Connect to our streaming-optimized VPN servers to watch your favorite shows without sacrificing streaming quality.

Yes! Give us a test drive with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Try PIA with all your favorite streaming platforms and take control of your viewing. If after that you decide PIA isn’t right for you, reach out to our Customer Support team for a full refund with no questions asked.

PIA VPN works on all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Every PIA account lets you connect unlimited devices simultaneously to give your digital life total protection. Smart DNS works with most Smart TVs including Samsung, LG, Apple TV, and many more.

Installing PIA VPN on your router protects every device on your home network, including gaming consoles and IoT hardware.

Yes, depending on your base connection speed. We can’t make your connection faster than your ISP provides, but our blazing-fast VPN servers are equipped with 10 Gbps connections. We consistently deliver connection speeds well above the 15 Mbps recommended by Netflix for smooth streaming in 4K.

Any VPN will slow your connection down to some extent, because it’s encrypting your data and routing your traffic through another server. To get around that, our Smart DNS only redirects your DNS, meaning your connection speed won’t be affected in any way.

The PIA network is optimized for speed, so even if you’re using our full VPN app, you won’t notice a drop in streaming quality.

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