Your Privacy
Is Our Policy

Here at Private Internet Access, transparency is at the heart of our service. Privacy is ingrained in every aspect of what we offer, and you deserve to know how we operate to secure your digital footprint.

    Your Privacy Is Our Policy
    Transparency Is at the Core of Our Service

    Transparency is at the Core of Our Service

    We never cut corners when it comes to your private data. We consistently take measures to protect your digital identity. In 2018, we took a significant step forward and made our apps open source, which means anyone can view, analyze, and verify our code. This way, we ensure transparency and allow scrutiny from users and experts alike.

    Additionally, we’ve conducted two third-party audits, allowing those who might not be well-versed enough to check our code to read an independent report exploring how we configure our service to protect user data. We deliver a product you can trust. And our quarterly transparency reports are another testament to our unwavering dedication to data security.

    We Adhere to a Strict No-Logs Policy

    All our servers are RAM-only. This means that they do not store any data, and no information is ever written to the hard drive. The way we designed our service to prevent data retention is a testament to our guarantee of user privacy.

    As a no-logging VPN provider, PIA is unable to provide any logs for law enforcement. We demonstrated steadfast commitment to user privacy even in court, when we were subpoenaed for user activity logs in 2016 and 2017. We’ve shown time and again we do not collect or retain user data.

    We Adhere to a Strict No-logs Policy

    Transparency Report

    As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide a quarterly report containing details about recent requests made to our legal department. As always, PIA has nothing to share in response to these inquiries thanks to our ironclad no-logs policy. Nevertheless, we believe it is your right to know about these requests—as fruitless as they may be.

    Government Demands for User Data

    Legal ProcessesReceivedLogs Produced
    Court orders00
    Foreign notices300
    State notices130
    Federal notices170
    Foreign and informal requests300
    Last updated on 07/03/2024 (data from 04/01/2024 - 06/30/2024)

    What You’ll Find in Our Transparency Report

    What You’ll Find in Our Transparency Report

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